Darker Evil series : Book 1 (Chapter 1 : The tragic beginning)

Chapter 1
“So tell me girl if every time we, touch~You get this kinda’ rush~And hear me say yeah…” Little Hyusune, who was 5 years old, was singing Kiss You by one direction. She loved singing and baking, as she attended a patisserie school since 4, apart from her studies. At 5, she was already in the magic academy, making her probably the youngest to enter the prestigious school. Just then, her mum strolled into the kitchen. “My, my, Hyusune-chan! What are you making today?” Belmine, her mother, asked in a sweet voice. 
Hyusune looked up at her mum. “Mama, today is your birthday, so I am making you a cake!” Hyusune smiled.
Her mother gave her a hug. “How thoughtful! Thank you very much! Belmine took the house keys and walked to the main door. 
“Mama, where are you going?” asked Hyusune, holding a baking tin.
“Your father is coming back today! I’m going to the airport to fetch him. I’ll be back soon, okay?” Belmine said, before she went out of the house. 
Hyusune went back to baking her cake. She put the cake into the oven, and set the time for 40 minutes before she went to watch her favorite anime series on TV, Fairy Tail.
“The terrifying Titania! She requips over and over…” Hyusune was watching the Pandemonium battle, when Erza was slashing down the 100 monsters in the Magic Games. Erza was like her idol. Someday, she wished she had courage like Erza to fight. Her school was a magic school specially for those whom had magic abilities, called the Tyhia Magic Academy. “Erza is still the best!” Hyusune exclaimed. Suddenly,  Hyusune whiffed the aroma of the cake. “It’s ready!” She said, as she ran into the kitchen. She switched off the Television before going into the kitchen to open the oven door. Fetching a pair of Nyan Cat mittens, she took out the cake and laid it out. “Now for the finishing touches!” She took out her vanilla frosting that she made beforehand, and slathered it over the cake. She then sprinkled cocoa powder around the edges, while she squeezed citrus fruit essence on top of the cake. To top it off, she put whipped cream and a chocolate shaped figurine of their family. “Dad doesn’t like cherries, so I’ll put strawberries instead! They love strawberries!” 
She cut some strawberries and lined them around the chocolate family figurine in a flower pattern arrangement. “All done!” 
She said, as she clapped her hands. Placing the cake in a box, she placed it in the fridge and waited for her parents to come home. 
She yawned as she sat down on the sofa. She stared at the wall clock, which made a ticking sound every second. Such a monotonous tone. Hyusune soon got tired of waiting and fell asleep on the sofa.
When her eyes flickered opened, she got up and looked at the wall clock. 3pm. It had already been three hours since her mother had left the house. Yet, no one was back yet. She decided to do some mathematical sums to pass the time. 
1 hour…
2 hours…
Still nobody in sight. 
Finally, at the third hour, her father came home with someone behind him. 
“Shigume! Dad!” Hyusune put down her pen and ran to the living room but then, she stopped dead in her tracks. Behind him was a unfamiliar lady, and her mum was nowhere in sight. 
“Where’s mum?” Hyusune asked worriedly.
“Right here.” He pointed to the lady beside him.
Hyusune was beleaguered. “No, this isn’t my mother. Where’s Belmine?”
“Beats me. And this is your new mother, Hyusune.”
“NO! She isn’t my mother! She isn’t Belmine! I won’t…” Before she could complete her sentence, the lady slapped her.
“I’m your mother now. Your mother, whatever you call her, Bel something, she’s divorced your father once he came into the country. I’m your new mother. Get it? From now on, you listen to me. And stop whining unless you want me to skin you alive!”
Hyusune clenched her fists. ‘No…my dad remarried…that’s impossible…’She thought. 
“Did you kill mum?” Hyusune asked angrily.
Her father said nothing.
“I ask you…again…did you..kill her?” Her tears flowed out of her eyes, she asked for the last time but there was no response.
“I HATE YOU, DAD! I HATE YOU!” She screamed. Hyusune ran into her room and locked herself up. She couldn’t stop crying. The mother she loved…the mother who cared…was gone. Shigume was silent, the mask over his face seemed to hide an unknown secret…what exactly happened to Belmine?

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