Darker Evil series : Book 1 (Chapter 3 : Going for good)

Chapter 3 : Going for good
On Monday, Hyusune’s Black Op class went for an excursion and this was the first time they had ever taken a ride on a sphinx. Kagami had agreed to use her magic to transport the students out of the compounds. She took on the form of a dragon, which was big enough of a capacity for the class of 20. Mr Miname, the principal of Tyhia, drove his car to the destination, though. Hyusune sat at the front with Cintare so they could guide Kagami to the destination, while the other students sat behind. When they got up into the air, the weight of 20 teens bagged Kagami down. Kagami was getting on in the ages, and her speed was not as fast as before.
 “Oi, slowpoke! Can you fly any faster?” One of the male students commented. “We’re gonna take an eternity to get to the destination if this continues.” 
Kagami felt bad about herself. “I’m sorry, I’ll try.” 
When they had reached the destination 5 minutes later than the time they were supposedly to have arrived, a bunch of male students picked up some stones and hurled them at her. “See! Thanks to you we’re late!” Hyusune and Cintare were infuriated. “Why you—” before Hyusune could complete her sentence, one of the boys ran in front of Kagami and shielded her. “Don’t hit her! She doesn’t deserve this! If you want to hit her, you’ll have to get pass me first!” This was the first boy who had ever stood up for Kagami, and Kagami’s eyes widened in shock. 
“Jellal, you son of a —” One of male students ran forth, rushing to hit him.
“Don’t!” Hyusune ran in front and shielded him. Iridescent rays flew out from behind her like sparks. It was her light magic. It shone so brightly it blinded the other black ops students. “Hyusune! You’ll get it from us next time!” They yelled. 
“Everyone stop this!” Mr Miname yelled as he arrived by car, just in the nick of time to see the whole incident take place. 
“Sir…” Hyusune began,”Erm…Sorry…” 
“Don’t use magic against each other again, are we clear?” 
“Yes’sir.” Hyusune and the other black ops students hung their heads. 
“As for you guys…” Miname pointed to the bullies, “You will be caned and charged with corrective work order for 2 weeks everyday after school.” 
The bullies were flabbergasted and they spoke no more. No doubt they had landed themselves into big trouble.
Jellal stared at Hyusune, and then turned her back on her. He went to Kagami’s side and used some basic healing magic he self-mastered over the course of the holidays on her. Kagami’s wounds slowly healed, and she got up slowly.
“I’m sorry I can’t be of much help. ” He said as he finished healing her.
“No, it’s okay. Thank you for helping me.” A saccharine smile flickered across her face. 
“Are you feeling better?” He asked in a warm voice. It sort of broke the image he gave to the black ops students because he was usually cold and didn’t talk much. Like Hyusune, he was pretty much an outcast of the class due to the fact he didn’t socialize. Hyusune observed him as he helped Kagami to her feet, and used his magic to help her recuperate fast. 
“Thank you so much, young one…” Kagami smiled sweetly. “May I have your name, please?” She asked. “Jellal Fernandes. You can call me Jellal.” He replied back, as he waved goodbye to her. The black ops class went into the museum together, and Kagami was kept invisible by a barrier that Mr Miname had cast. The museum had a treasury of books on lost magic or ancient magic which people in the past used to carry out daily activites. However, such books were not the purpose as to why they came. In fact, their main purpose for coming to the museum was to learn dark magic—fire, poison, and shadows magic. These were classified as the three most dangerous powers that magic had ever come across. At that time, Hyusune was still using light magic, or known as arcane magic—but it wouldn’t drain her life force as much as this dark magic would. In addition, it was deemed ‘less effective’ to the principal, Mr Miname, who perceived that only weaklings used arcane magic. As a result, the only way to get stronger, Mr Miname mentioned, was to start using dark magic and give up on arcane magic. That was how Hyusune started manipulating dark magic. Nevertheless, she never forgot arcane magic. She believed that somehow, the light would still conquer all darkness. 
That day when she got home, the house reeked of a gas leak and her stepmother was lying unconsciously on the sofa with a bunch of her friends. “Oh no, no no!!” Hyusune yelled.  Hyusune turned off the gas tap and opened the windows hurriedly. She called for an ambulance and the bunch of them were rushed to the hospital. 
Her stepmother and her stepmother’s friends was discharged on the same day after the doctor had done thorough checkups on them. The doctor also advised her to tell her mother to refrain from alcohol. She wanted to stress to the doctor that her efforts in doing so had been nothing but futile, but nevertheless she tried again. But as soon as they got home, her mother started indulging herself in a bottle of whiskey.
“Mum, are you okay? The doctor told me to ask you to stop drinking so much alcohol…” Hyusune said. Her mother dropped the bottle of whiskey on the ground and it was smashed to smithereens. Hysune’s legs were cut by the glass shards. A pool of blood appeared under her legs. “What do you know, huh? You should worry about yourself first! Why did you deliver cakes to Miss Marly’s bakery, huh? Trying to earn money behind my back, huh? Where’s the money?!” Her stepmother yelled, as she used her belt to whip Hyusune’s legs. “Stupid girl! Foolish girl! Give me the money now!” Hyusune yelled with every whip on her legs. That was the last straw. She couldn’t hold back the pain within her anymore. She screamed at the top of her lungs. “YOU STUPID BITCH! MY IDIOT OF A FATHER TO MARRY YOU WAS THE WORST DECISION HE EVER MADE! AHHHHHHH—!” Hyusune ran off to her room, zipped her luggage with the money and passport inside and ran out of the house. She ran, bare-footed, all the way to the magic academy. Her legs were still bloody and there were a few tiny shards stuck under her soles. The sadness within her couldn’t be contained. She moved into the hostel with all her stuff,including study materials and vowed never to see her stepmother again. She had had enough. She sobbed incessantly even as she got into the hostel room. Suddenly, there came a knock at her door. Wiping away her tears, she moved feebly to the door and opened it. It was Jellal. “Why are you here?” He asked. “I never knew you lived in the hostel—” He stared down at her bloody feet. Before he could continue his sentence, she had passed out.
When her eyes opened, she found herself lying on the bed, with Jellal by the bed side using healing magic for her legs. He had removed the shards while she was unconscious, freeing her from unnecessary pain. Upon noticing that she had come to, he asked, “What happened?” Still breathing heavily due to the loss of blood, Hyusune said slowly, “I ran…away…from…home…my stepmother…I couldn’t…take it…” 
“I shall cure your speech problem first. ” He cast a spell over her vocal chords, and she could speak normally again. 
“Thank you. ” She smiled wanly. He took an ice pack and iced her legs. 
“What happened between you and your stepmother?” He asked. 
“Can I trust that you won’t tell anyone else?” 
“You have my word.” 
“When I was young, my mum went missing. My father remarried, and he never stayed at home. He was always away on business trips, or so he claimed he was, and my mother cohabited with tonnes of men in my house as if it were some prostitution centre. My stepmother never listened to me…she nearly gassed herself to death earlier today. If I had not saved her, she would have died…and even after I saved her…she…she…did this to me…” Tears started welling up in Hyusune’s eyes again and shrouded her vision. Jellal remained silent. All he did was just to understand her sorrows, her agony…her pain. He was trying to empathize with her. He was of a similar background, just that his parents had died when was only an infant and he grew up in the academy. Listening to her grievances brought back many memories for him…it was as if he was reminiscing…and staring at himself in the mirror. 

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