Darker Evil series : Book 1 (Chapter 4 : My true self!)

Chapter 4 : My true self!
The next morning, Hyusune woke up at 6am as she usually did. She was a little shocked to see that she wasn’t in her bedroom. But then it struck her by realization that she had run away from home. All her actions yesterday were done in an unconscious state of mind. But it seemed as though someone had been calling her to run to the academy. It was eerie,but she felt that seeking refuge in the academy might be the best thing to do at the moment. Moreover, she attended the academy on a daily basis, and now that she was living in the academy she could easily reach the classrooms which were a 10-minute walk from the hostel. To her utmost surprise, there came a knock at the door. In a sleepy state, she walked to the door and opened it. “Good morning.” She said with a yawn. It was Jellal again. “Oh, Fernandez-sama…” 
“No, don’t call me that. Just Jellal will do.” 
“Okay. ” She closed the door behind her. “Take a seat.” 
He took a seat in the living room. The hostel room was like a studio apartment, so it had a bedroom, a kitchen, and a living room. 
“So…what brings you here this early? School only starts at 9am…”
“You can cook right? ” 
“You can bake stuff right? You used to be from a patisserie school.” 
“Yup. Why?” 
“Could you come over for meals?” 
“Come to my place for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m sick and tired of eating instant noodles.”
“Oh…okay…” Hyusune wasn’t hesitant. Besides, she didn’t have anyone to eat with, so having a partner to eat with her would make her feel better. 
“Meet me at my place in 15 minutes. ” He said. He walked off to his room. Hyusune took a quick shower before changing into a t-shirt and knee-length shorts. She brought over her ingredients to Jellal’s place. He didn’t question her what the ingredients were or whether they contained poison whatsoever. He trusted she wouldn’t kill him. 
Hyusune was humming Yasashisa No Riyuu as she made her cake. She was going to let Jellal try her strawberry fondant cake. It took her no less than 90 minutes to prepare a strawberry fondant cake portion just enough for two of them. “It’s done!” She exclaimed, as she served the cake with two glasses of refreshing orange juice.
Jellal looked up at her from the book he was reading, City of Ashes by Cassandra Claire. Hyusune put the food on the table. “You read Cassandra Claire’s books too?” She asked. “Yeah…I like the plot.” ”I like the writing style, though.” She said as she took some plates from the kitchen.
He sat down at the table after her. “So, what’s this cake?” He asked, before taking a mouthful of it. “It’s my strawberry fondant cake. Enjoy!” He took a bite of the cake. Then another, then another. When he had finished the cake, he wiped his mouth and exclaimed, “This is good! Could I have another slice?”
Hyusune was delighted. Her newfound friend liked her cake! “Sure! You can have as many as you like!” She ate her own slice of cake slowly, letting the taste of the cake settle into her mouth.
Within the course of the next hour, they chatted blithely amongst themselves.
“So, how long have you been in this academy?” Hyusune asked.
“Since I was an infant. I grew up here.” 
“An infant? Why?” 
“That’s primarily because my parents died in a car accident shortly after my birth. The main reason why was because even as an infant, I was somehow compelled to study magic. Someone carried me here. I can vaguely remember who…a man with a mask…he carried me here. Later when I grew up I joined the black ops because I heard the man with the mask was there, but I have never seen him for a long time.” 
“I see. ” Hyusune pondered for a while as she poured herself another glass of orange juice. ‘Man with a mask? Shigume? There’s no mistaking it. The man who brought Jellal here was my father.’ 
“Hey, you’re spilling it…” Jellal pointed to the jug. 
“Eh?” She realized that as she had been so engrossed in her thoughts, she spilled some orange juice on the table. “Sorry!” She apologized profusely as she ran into the kitchen to get a tea towel. She wiped the table before sitting down again. 
“If there’s something on your mind, just tell me. My guess is that it’s in relation to what I said just now.” 
“Yes, no doubt it is.” She admitted. “The man who saved you…is undoubtedly, the concurrent  leader…of the black ops…”
Jellal put his glass of orange juice down. “What?” He asked, astonished.
“The leader of the black ops…he can sense those who have potent abilities of those whom might have the potential to become great wizards…Shigume Persona. He was the coheir of the black ops after HeiAnni Seis. His real name was Shigume Nagasaki. He is my father…As I know it.”
“Shigume is…your old man??” Jellal’s eyes widened.
“That is what I am unsure of. I have seen his face a few times before, and he once told me his name was Shigume Per-something. But now that I’ve seen for myself that he is actually a teacher in this academy, it only confirms my theory. All these years…he lied, to me…and to my mother. How could he be so despicable?” Hyusune clenched her fists in anger.
“His business trips actually referred to staying in the academy to teach the students during training camps and such related activites…and yet…he never appeared at the airport that day…that might’ve been why my biological mother never found him, and never came back. Her wearied heart could’ve never taken the blow. She’d rarely seen him…all this while it was just me, her daughter, that she had. The only one that could put a smile on her face.” The coldness sunk into Hyusune. Her dark powers began to overwhelm within her. She felt herself getting stronger. Her heart was no longer filled with warmth. It was replaced by the sorrow kept within her. “But now…I have no family…no one to turn to…” Jellal put his hand on her cheek. He could sense that she was being controlled by darkness. “No. Your friends are your family.” He chanted some sort of spell which dispelled the darkness in Hyusune. However, the darkness within her was so strong that it couldn’t be fully suppressed. Her character became similar to Jellal’s…cold and unsociable. 
Later that day, during physical education lesson, the students were made to sprint around the track without magic. The teacher had sealed their magic sources within them, so they could train their physical ability. They ran in groups of 5 at a time. Cintare, Jellal and Hyusune were in the same group. “There’s no way I’m losing to you, Hyusune!” Cintare exclaimed as she got into position. Hyusune looked away and focused on the track. “It’s a full 400 meters, so sprint to the end. On your marks, get set, GO!” The teacher exclaimed.  The magic gun was fired and the five of them started sprinting. Hyusune burst forth in front of them . After a while, Cintare’s legs gave way and her pace slowed down. Jellal’s speed increased and soon he was running the same pace with Hyusune even until the last 100 meters. Hyusune pushed herself a bit, but at that split second a cramp bagged her down and she tied with Jellal for the run with a timing of 1 minute and 10 seconds. “Dammit.” Hyusune muttered under her breath. Since the incident that morning, Hyusune had become of an extremely competitive character. And she decided that her opponent would be none other than Jellal.
During lunchtime, Celestine, Odellia, Leandra, Rima and Cintare met Hyusune. 
“How rare to see you at school. I thought you’d go home to have your lunch.” Cintare commented.
“I ran away from home.” Hyusune said indifferently, tucking into a plate of spaghetti.
“WHAT???” They exclaimed in unison, “AND YET YOU CAN BE SO CALM ABOUT IT?!”
“What’s the big fuss for…” She asked, giving them a kind of glare she’d never given them before in the past. They knew something was amiss. They sensed it. Hyusune had changed. She wasn’t acting normally. Her sweet smile had turned into a look of distaste and sadness…her eyes seemed to evoke a strong emotion of sorrow. In their minds, the image of a bubbly, enthusiastic Hyusune had faded into nothingness—what replaced it was a strong willed girl, not so carefree, and neither that friendly. They never probed into her family matters, so they never actually knew the situation hidden behind the smile that used to be plastered across her face all the time. They never knew that the way she looked now, was actually how she felt all along. Jellal had evoked the emotions out of her…they began to control her. She couldn’t smile anymore. The only one who knew whatever that was going on was her best friend, Cintare, whom she consulted every time she was hurt. The scars left by the glass shards had vanished due to Jellal’s healing power, so there was practically no evidence to show that Hyusune was provoked and left the house due to that very reason. “I’m going to return my tray.” Hyusune walked off without them. Just as Rima was about to run up to her, Cintare grabbed her arm and whispered into her ear, “Don’t. She needs time to sort things out. I know the reason why she’s behaving like this. So…please. Don’t. “
Rima was astonished. With a sad shake of her head, she asked, “She’s changed…hasn’t she?” 
“Sadly, yes…” Cintare sighed.

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