Darker Evil series : Book 1 (Prologue & some notes)


-The great separation was a huge war outbreak in the 1800s. The arcane magicians and black magicians couldn’t see eye to eye. There was possibly no chance for reunion. Daemon Nagasaki led the black magicians, while Vermellion Seis led the arcane magicians. It was once told that Vermellion’s power was equivalent to that of Daemon’s, even though Daemon was the most deadly black magician to date. They fought for a while, but after that, Vermellion supposedly went missing and nobody knew what happened to her. Daemon was dissatisfied with the leaders of their time—they were cocky and their technologies with moribund and apparently useless against concurrent warfare. That was why he decided to overthrow them and become the leader, that would bring everyone happiness. But as time passed, there more bloodshed, more agony. An evil stench filled the air. Daemon as their leader, led them to despair. His condition took a turn for the worst. In the end, he turned the earth into a reign of chaos, and it was up to the arcane magicians to stop them. To ensure his plan would take place successfully over generations to come, Daemon had to walk the earth for a long period of time. Therefore, he had to steal amethyst from the amethyst forest. But there was a challenge to that. In order to obtain the amethyst, which would extend his lifespan drastically, he had to obtain the blood of the guardian of the amethyst forest. Apparently, the guardian was an arcane wizard named Xenza Seis. But so happen on the day Daemon tried to steal the amethyst, Xenza went into labour and the child she gave birth to had defeated Daemon with one blow, so powerful Daemon was paralyzed for one month. That was when he swore he’d take his revenge on the child who inflicted such damage to him—Celestine Yuuki.

In this story the characters attend a school known as the Tyhia academy of magic. The students are categorized into different classes according to their abilities : Dangerous ability, Exceptional ability and Special ability class, under the DES system. In the Dangerous ability class, the students manipulate magic that can destroy armies if the student goes out of control, which is why they are closely eyed and known as the Black Ops. The Black ops (Black Operation Personal Spies) were classified under 2 factions after a dispute occurred that involved the black wizard, Daemon Nagasaki, who was rumored to have affiliations with the Black Ops. The 2 factions in the Black Ops are the Legion of Elfa (LoE) and the Legion of Shvir (LoS). The LoE and LoS aren’t technically enemies, but there is a clear line between them that the LoE are involved in protection and all students in magic school branches are LoE. The LoS are affiliated with wizard traffickers who sell the victims to the outside world as slaves after draining them of their magic power. There have also been some wizards who were descendants of Daemon, with Daemon’s blood running in them, and only they alone could defeat Daemon. They call it Daemon’s genes—and to people who have inherited these genes, they are known as the Ryakken beings. In the Exceptional ability class, these students possess abilities that can either buff or provide support to students in the Dangerous ability class. They are good as defenders and have strong skills for defense and weakening. In the Special ability class, students have skills such as nullification of spells, the ability to cast creatures, or have the psychic powers to foresee the future. These abilities are not found in any of the other two classes, but there have been some outstanding students who have mastered these abilities on top of their main ability.


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