Darker Evil series : Book 1

Chapter 7  : Fernandes Family

On the way back to the academy, Hyusune and Jellal did not cycle as fast as they had came to Galuna forest. 
“Say…Jellal…how was your sister like?” Hyusune asked softly.
“Everything that you see in yourself.” He said, indirectly saying that Hatsune was exactly like Hyusune. 
“I don’t get it…” Hyusune sighed. 
“Aish…you’ll get it one day, trust me.” He said, cycling slightly faster. 
“Wait up!” She cycled faster, and they went back to the hostel to have lunch. That day, the hostel canteen was open, and Hyusune had arranged for a meeting with the other girls for a late lunch. 
“Sorry to keep you all waiting!” Hyusune said, as she rushed in. She was smiling in an odd way that her friends didn’t understand. Wasn’t she just all moody several days back?
“Hyu-chan, what took you so long?” Odellia asked.
“Sorry…I was going for a morning exercise in Galuna forest.” 
“How rare—of you going alone…” Cintare smiled as though she were some pedophile. 
“Your smile is scary…” Rima said. 
“I—just wanted to get some excersise, yeah…” Hyusune did not want to tell them who she was with, otherwise they would probably start some frivolous rumors.
“So…whaddya wanna eat?” Cintare said, craving for sandwiches.
“Sandwiches and Hyusune’s cakes!” Celestine and Leandra exclaimed together. “They’re great!” 
“I know right…” Odellia said. “Those cakes…they’re so tasty!” 
“In that case, why not we head over to Hyusune’s place in the hostel?” Rima suggested.
“Good idea!” The rest chorused. 
“Eh wait…what?” Hyusune had no time to react and was pulled away by the rest. 
They pulled her to the hostel so that she could whip up a meal for them.
“Oi! Wait a sec—!” 
When they arrived at her doorstep, they released her.
“Grrr…what was that for?!” She yelled, annoyed.
“Like we said, we want your home-cooked food!” They begged. 
“Man, don’t give me those puppy eyes…” Her eyes darted away.
“Please~!” They said sweetly.
“Ah…fine. Come in and make yourselves at home.” Hyusune eventually gave way.
“Banzai~!” The girls high fived each other and sauntered  into her apartment after removing their footwear.
“This place is really small, Hyusune.” Rima said as she walked around the house. 
“Yea…but I find its much more spacious when I’m here alone…” Hyusune replied sarcastically. “Anyway what cake do you all want—?” 
“Your famous tropical vanilla cake! Please make it for us!” They diverted their undivided attention to Hyusune when she asked that question. ‘Geez…they’re like ghosts who haven’t eaten for 7 months…’ Hyusune thought. 
“Geez…they’re like ghosts who haven’t eaten for 7 months…” Odellia smirked as she read Hyusune’s mind. 
“ODELLIA! You didn’t have to say that out loud!!” Hyusune exclaimed, trying to hide her embarrassment. 
“Hehe~” Odellia laughed.  The others giggled loudly. 
“I better seal off my thoughts with magic so you can’t read my mind anymore…” Hyusune bit her lip. She took out her baking stuff as well as some pasta so she could make spaghetti for them. The cakes were for tea, while the spaghetti was the main course. 
An hour later or so, Hyusune and the others were eating their spaghetti in the living room. 
“Delicious!” Cintare and the others exclaimed. 
“Thanks.” Hyusune smiled.
“So~Have you made any friends with the people living here?” Leandra asked.
“Erm…” Would it be best not to mention Jellal? After all, they might misunderstand the situation. But since they were her friends, she told them.
“I made a friend who lives in the apartment beside mine, 95B. Jellal Fernandes of the Black Ops.” 
That last sentence seemed to leave them astounded. 
“Je-llal? “
“Is anything the matter?” asked Hyusune, curiously. 
“WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!” They stood up.
“What’s wrong with y’all today…?” Hyusune turned her head towards the hostel door and she saw it was flung wide open. 
“Did someone say my name?” Jellal asked.
“THE REAL MCCOY HAS APPEARED!” The others gulped. 
“Jellal? What are you doing here?” Hyusune questioned. 
“WE’RE SO SORRY, FERNANDES SAMA!” The others apologized profusely.
“I heard someone call my name. Why do I get this everywhere I go these days…” Jellal sighed.
They realised that Hyusune wasn’t saying anything so they pulled her by the arm.
“Hyusune! Why aren’t you apologizing with us?” They asked in urgent whispers.
“That’s because I didn’t do anything…” She got up from the sofa. She moved over to Jellal and whispered beside his ear, “Why are they acting like this?” 
“Why, you say?” 
“They think I’m the son of Anthony Fernandes (one of the richest men in Malaysia, net worth 625million. They came across an article about Malaysia’s richest people and they thought he was the son of Anthony).” 
“Then why don’t you tell them the truth?” 
“It’s fun…” Jellal said jokingly.
“Yea right…” Hyusune rolled her eyes. “Since I’m acting as your sister, I’ll just keep this under wraps for you, just this once.” 
She walked up to the other girls and calmed them down. 
“Everyone, lets have tea, okay?” She suggested. Upon hearing that tea was going to be served, all of them got out of their trances in that instant and rushed to the table, creating a surge of wind against Hyusune. “YAY TEA~!” Cintare cried out happily. 
Hyusune sighed and went to fetch the cakes from the fridge which made earlier with the spaghetti.
Her friends were really mega food lovers. Taking plates from the kitchen, she served the cakes on the dining table laden with serviettes. “Here’s the cakes. ” Hyusune said as she put the cakes on the table. Then she looked at Jellal.
“Don’t just stand there, prince. Come join us.” 
“Prince?” He raised a brow.
She ran over to him and pulled him by the hand. “I’m just playing along.” 
“Good.” He replied. 
She went to fetch another slice of cake for him, and seated herself at the table. Her friends, as well as Jellal, asked for seconds and thirds until they had eaten their fill. Then, Hyusune made some lemon tea and they sat down in the living room the whole afternoon. The other girls had brought along their weekend homework, so they did their homework together. 
“Hyusune,could you help me with this?” Rima asked, pointing to the reader’s response essay that their teachers had given them as practice for their upcoming essay exam. 
“Sure!” Hyusune went beside her and looked at the essay. 
“How do I write a good introduction?” Rima asked as she pushed her hair behind her ears. 
“Let’s see. The topic is about branding, right? What you can write here is something like this : Shopping is a part of everyday life. However, they are always other brands which seem to appeal more to customers as compared to the others. Why? Here’s where branding kicks in. Marketers make advertisements of their products which are commonly watched during commercial breaks from TV shows. They describe their products to be ‘miracle water’, such as SK-II, which make people think that if they use the brand they will have better complexion than other people who do not use SK-II. All these are just ways which marketers brand.” 
“Oh…I get it now, thank you, Hyusune!” 
Among them, Jellal and Hyusune were the most proficient in English, History and Triple Sciences. Leandra was an expert at math with Celestine and Odellia, while Cintare and Rima were the best at Chinese, Higher Chinese, Japanese, Higher Japanese, and Economics.
Magic-wise exams, they were ranked in this manner : Jellal, Hyusune, Odellia, Rima, Cintare, Leandra and Celestine. They were the top 3% of the school, this their homework was generally harder and more than their peers. It was hard keeping in the top 3%, but they had done it.



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