Fairy Tail fanfiction ~Mavis’s Adventure (1)

I’ve been roaming the island of Tenroujima for too long…I thought. It’s so lonely being here with nobody to talk to and no one to play with. I was sitting on one of the branches of the Tenrou tree, and the sound of the lull lapping of the ocean waves was music to my ears. It was soft and gentle. But I was used to the tranquility here that it seemed so mundane. The “music” became monotonous, and I got bored of all this. I contemplated on paying a visit to the Fairy Tail guild in the town of Magnolia and see how Makarov was doing with the guild. After pondering for a while, I flew over to Magnolia.
Upon arrival at the guild, I gaped in awe. The guild house had been rebuilt and it was almost as big as the castle in the booming capital, Crocus. True enough, it had been almost a year since the grand magic games had ended with Fairy Tail emerging as victorious. Since then, I had not visited the guild. To think it had changed so much in one year…how amazing. 
“I’m here~!” A broad smile plastered across my face as I pushed the huge doors of the guild open. 
“Natsu! Use your brain a little, will you?” 
“Talk about yourself, you ice freak!”
“What did you say, fire-breathing bastard?” 
Natsu and Gray were quarreling as usual. 
“Gray-sama, you’re so cool even when you fight!” Juvia was fangirling from a side. Youngsters these days are full of spirit and enthusiasm…I thought. 
“Lucy, your novel’s been published?!” Levy’s mouth fell wide. “Why didn’t you tell me?” She whined.
“Sorry sorry…I was too caught up with the procedures I forgot to tell you!” Lucy laughed. 
I sauntered in to the counter where Master Makarov was sitting at chatting with his grandson, Laxus Dreyar. I was glad the two finally got along. When they spotted me, they greeted me.
“First master? Why…are you here?” Makarov was shocked and asked me in a curious tone.
I sighed. “It’s so boring on Tenroujima. So, I decided to visit you!” 
“First master…that is…such an honor!” Makarov laughed.
“How’s the guild?” I asked.
“Wreaking havoc about town as usual,” Makarov’s eyes darted away. “These youngsters can be so full of spirit, but the guild letter box is always full of complain letters from the council!” He lamented.
“That’s the Fairy Tail we know!” I giggled.
Just then, Cana and Gildarts strolled into the guild hall.
“Gildarts! Welcome back!” Makarov smiled.
“Yo, old man!” He replied. “I finished the ten year job in one year with my little girl here!” 
“Congratulations!” Laxus and Makarov said in union. I was impressed. 
“That’s impressive, Gildarts! No one has ever done it before!” I exclaimed while clapping my hands. 
“Couldn’t have done it without my little girl…” He patted Cana’s back. 
“I’m not little!” Cana retorted. “Geez…” Makarov and I had a good laugh.
“Anyway, gramps, are we participating in this year’s  grand magic games again? It’s in a few months time.”
“Of course!” Makarov replied.
“If that’s the case, I will go too!” I smiled, “so that Fairy Tail wins!”

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