Fairy Tail Fanfiction—Mavis’s Adventure (2)

The next day, everyone began the start of their vigorous training for the Grand Magic games held annually. This year, the event would be held in a different location, near the outskirts of Crocus, in an area with many snowstorms. They had to train in the cold, but it was chicken feet for Gray, who stripped off his shirt in the snow. “This is easy. ” He commented, getting into his ice-make stance. “Ice make, blizzard blades!” He cut through the air swiftly with his seven-sided strike, a new technique he mastered after the last Grand Magic games. On the other hand, Happy was Natsu’s coach and was training him to endure the cold by burying him in the snow. “Happy, more snow!” Natsu exclaimed. “Aye sir!” Happy flew back and forth, scooping up more snow and covering Natsu with it. Lucy was wearing thin clothing and sitting on the snow. “Lucy, you have to focus.” Her spirit, Capricorn, was coaching her. “But…it’s so cold…” Lucy said as her body trembled. It was freezing. “In order to master the advanced version of the 88 stars of heaven, you have to focus. Concentrate your mind on what you want to achieve, and ignore all other factors.” Lucy took a deep breath. “Thank you, Capricorn. I shall try harder.” Not very far away, Erza was mastering her new requip, Ice Priestess armor which had a blade to go with it, which she named Ice Titania. It was much heavier than the blades she usually used, so she was giving it her all to master it. Her current power was insatiable—there was still a long way to go to live up the name of the Queen of fairies, Titania. The other Fairy Tail members were training too, and as I flew around, tears filled my eyes and shrouded my vision. It made me happy to see the generation Makarov was leading—they were determined, strong-willed and pushing themselves to their limits. 
After a while, I laid back in the snow and looked up at the sky. “They really have improved a lot, haven’t they?” A saccharine smile flickered across my face. “The third generation…the generation that will lead Fairy Tail for the next few decades. They are bonded by friendship, love, and trust—an unbreakable bond that will last through the ages. I guess I don’t have to worry about them…they’re strong because they have friends to rely on. Our guild will have a bright future ahead.” 
Just then, Makarov walked up to me. “Oh, Makarov, you’re here!” I got up as I sensed his presence.
“The young ones are really active…” Makarov said as he sat down beside me. We were sitting at the peak of a mountain covered in snow, which was overlooking the place where the Fairy Tail wizards were training.
“Well, they are really into the Grand Magic games! Isn’t that a good thing?” I smiled.
“True, but there’s something that worries me…I heard that there is another dark guild which my son Ivan had control of apart from Raven Tail. I heard that that Dark Guild is participating in this year’s Grand Magic games. ” He said as a stern look took over his face. 
Upon hearing his words, the smile on my face disappeared. 
“We have to look out, then. And ensure the Dark Guild doesn’t cheat like they did last year. What Raven Tail did last year was so despicable, and unforgivable. But I’m glad the Magic Council caught them.” 
What was the Dark guild which Makarov mentioned? Will they be a potential threat to Fairy Tail? Find out in the next part! 

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