Fairy Tail Fanfiction—Mavis’s adventure (3)

The days flew by and the Grand Magic games drew near. Before long, the Grand Magic games had begun and the elimination round was quickly over. When the teams were gathered in the outskirts of Crocus in a place called Aeria stadium, where the games were held, the conjurer announced the guilds who were going to participate. Watching from the spectator stand, I sensed a dark aura, similar to the Black Wizard Zeref. Was Zeref going to interrupt the games, or would the dark aura be coming from the Dark Guild? And if it was coming from the Dark guild, that would be detrimental to the Grand Magic games.
“First master, do you notice anything?” Makarov asked me.
“Mhm.” I nodded my head. “Something evil is here.” 
The grand magic games commenced with the a grand ceremony. Thousands of magic fireworks were shot up into the sky, forming the words, “DAIMATOUENBU, X792” (X792 is the year, as you can remember, the year they came back from Tenroujima was X791.) The spectators, comprising of both ordinary villagers and wizards, were all cheering with enthusiasm as the ceremony began. Then, it was time to start the games proper. 
The invited conjurers for this year’s Grand Magic games was Doranbolt from the council, Lahar, as well as Ichiya Vandalay Hotobuki. He was almost in his 40s already. “Men~I smell a good perfume coming from Fairy Tail this year again!” He said over the loudspeakers. “From Fairy Tail, we have, Lucy Heartfilia! Natsu Dragneel! Gray Fullbuster! Juvia Lockser! And finally, my love…Erza Scarlet! Men~” 
From the stadium grounds, Erza was clenching her fists in anger. “Was that even necessary?” 
“Juvia is so happy! She is in the same team as Gray-sama~!” Juvia fangirling as usual. 
Then, the next teams that were annouced were Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus, Sabertooth, and all the familiar names that appeared on the previous year’s Grand Magic games.
Just as Ichiya was about to announce the final team, the microphone dropped onto the floor and a crashing sound reverberated throughout the stadium.
“What was that?” “My ears!” The crowd started chatting amongst themselves.
A faint sound was heard from Ichiya. “Me-men~” 
“The dark guild has appeared. ” I said, as I quickly flew over to where Ichiya was. Inside, there was a wizard holding Ichiya at knife-edge. 
“Now, now, don’t address us as a Dark guild. We are an official guild, UNDERSTAND?!” The wizard raised her voice.
I instantly recognized him as the daughter of Purehito (Master Hades). My eyes widened. Purehito’s daughter was the guildmaster of the Dark guild. From her insignia on her right arm, I instantly knew which guild he was from—Death Maiden, the strongest dark guild which surpassed Grimoire Heart. Her name was Lumika. 
I once heard that Lumika’s powers surpassed Purehito’s, and she even had the amount of power strong enough to summon a dragon similar to Acnologia. This spelled trouble for Fairy Tail. This was definitely not going to be good. I turned around just as I was about to fly down, someone called my name. “Mavis Vermellion-sama?” It was Lumika. Impossible! I thought. She doesn’t not share our guild insignia, so how can she see me? “You’re wondering why I can see you, yes?” She grinned. How did she read my mind so fast? I thought. “Because I share the blood of Purehito. You’ve never known that even if anyone share the blood of an ex-Fairy Tail member, you can still be seen by them?” She cackled evilly. “Lumika, stop this at once!” I demanded, raising my voice to such a crescendo that the other Fairy Tail guild members were alerted.
“Hey guys, do you sense what I sense?” Natsu asked.
“Mavis. She’s met with trouble.” Erza replied, transforming into Heaven’s Wheel armor.
“Let’s go!” Gray grabbed Juvia and created his ice wings, flying up to the top of the stadium where the PA broadcasting room was. 
Natsu and Lucy joint hands, and Natsu, using his fire wings he mastered, they flew up together.
“Mavis, you’re a thoughtform right?” Lumika stared at me.
“You’re right. You’ve certainly grown a lot stronger than when you used to hang out with the other kids in Fairy Tail…” 
“That’s all in the past, Mavis. I’ve surpassed them, I’ve killed them, I’ve won, and I even killed Purehito!” She smiled evilly and her eyes were not longer emitting the warmth and radiance she had when she was a child. She was definitely possessed by Zeref’s magic. I could feel it. 
Just then, Natsu and the others came up to the broadcasting room and smashed a window to break in. 
“Mavis, are you all right?” Lucy asked me.
“Yes, but that’s not the matter at hand now…” 
Lumika suddenly moved the knife nearer to Ichiya’s neck. “Attack me and he dies. Leave now, and let me handle the broadcasting!” Lumika said sternly.
“You wretch!” Natsu clenched his fists. 
“Natsu! Don’t be rash! Let her broadcast it…we shall settle matters later.” Erza said, reluctantly backing away.
“That’s better…” Lumika hissed. “Now, begone!” She cast a spell on them which was so strong it repelled them backwards and sent them flying out of the broadcast system room.
“LUMIKA! STOP THIS!” Anger was boiling within me. My magic allowed me to resume human form if I wished to, so I could use my powers against her. After all, I used to be the strongest among the 10 wizard saints. 
“What if I say, no?” She laughed. 
My fists trembled. I had no choice. I left the room and flew down to help Natsu and the others. Wendy used her healing magic to heal their minor bruises, and they got up quickly, especially Natsu. The crowd, however, had seemed to be oblivious to all of this as a force field had been cast around Natsu and the rest (like the Laxus versus Alexei match). 
“Dammit!” Natsu exclaimed. “I want to beat up that girl real good!” 
I paused momentarily, before saying, ” Everyone, be careful. This year’s Grand Magic games is not going to be smooth sailing.” A stern look came across my face. Lumika…I will get you for this.

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