Fairy Tail Fanfiction : Jellal x Erza (Specially requested by fans)

Jerza Fanfiction
It was the weekends and Erza was in Lucy’s home when see received an SMS from Jellal.
‘Erza, meet me at Magnolia South Gate park at 7pm. I want to bring you somewhere.’
At that time, Jellal had already been released from prison for good behavior, and therefore he was loving somewhere in the mountains in the outskirts of Magnolia near Poluchka, Edo-Grandine’s place. 
Ezra’s hands trembled. “Why does he want to meet me?” Erza said. “Erza, did you just say something?” Lucy asked as she looked up at Erza while playing with her celestial spirit, Plue.
“I’m going out tonight, Lucy…can you help me get ready…?” Erza asked, half blushing. Lucy grinned.
“Hohoho~A blind date?” Lucy raised her eyebrows.
“Erm yea…I guess.” Erza nodded.
“Okay! Leave it to me! Open, gate of the crab! Cancer!” Lucy summoned cancer and made a nice hairstyle for Erza. A small plait over her lustrous scarlet red hair, and to match with it, Lucy lent Erza one of her dresses which were slightly below the knees. By 6:30pm, Erza was ready and made her way to Magnolia South Gate park. She saw Jellal waiting under the tree and walked over. He quickly noticed her. 
“Good evening.” Erza said. 
“Erza, you’re here.” Jellal began, “come with me. ” He held her hand and brought her to a cafe to eat her favorite strawberry cheesecakes.
Erza ate them quickly as she was an absolute cake lover. Jellal kept staring at her. She looked up and put the fork down while cleaning her moth with a serviette. 
“Why do you keep looking at me?” Erza asked.
“Because, you look so cute when you eat.” He said forthrightly. Erza’s cheeks were flustered and her heart skipped a beat. He smiled at her.
After eating, he took her to his place in the mountains. He lived near the summit, overlooking a picturesque scenery of Magnolia. 
“So…this is your place?” Erza asked.
“Yup…” He said as he closed the door behind him when they entered the house. 
“Pretty clean for a boy’s home. Unlike Natsu and Happy’s place.” She said as she looked around. Jellal then led her to his back garden, which was facing the Magnolia ocean. There was a swing chair for 2 outside there, and the two went to sit on the swing chair.
Erza looked up at the sky.
“It’s so pretty!” She exclaimed. “The grand tapestry of black is illuminated by the stars of the sky…Like how darkness is overcome by the light.”
“Erza…” He said, ” It’s your words which gave me courage. They became my light that would lead me back onto the right path again. Just like the stars in the sky…” Erza directed her attention towards him.
“I’m sorry…I lied about everything before the grand magic games last year.” He sighed heavily.
“That’s a matter of the past. And you’ve lived on. You lived because of the sacrifices your friend made for you. You lived—to redeem yourself. To live till today, you are a man of courage.” Erza said with firmness in her voice.
“Thank you…Erza” He whispered, “I love you…” The moment was sealed with a kiss. From then on, Jellal never loved anyone but Erza. He remained faithful to her—she was not only his giver of hope, but also the same person who changed his life.
✩Mavis Vermellion✩

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