Fairy Tail Fanfiction—Mavis’s Adventure (4)

Mavis’s Adventure ~PART 4
Lumika released her grip of Ichiya. But then, Ichiya had already fainted with an almost inaudible “me-men…”
Lumika teleported herself back to the field and removed the forcefield. Apparently the forcefield had removed everyone’s sense of time temporarily, and no one noticed what had happened. The event continued. Lahar and Doranbolt were forced into announcing the first match the way Lumika set it.
“Now, for the battle part of the day, its 2 vs 2!” Lahar annouced. “The match up is as follows : from Fairy Tail, Juvia Lockser and Gray Fullbuster, versus Lumika and Chiharu of Death Maiden!” Gray and Juvia looked at each other. “It’s them…The one Mavis was talking about…the Dark Guild.” Gray said to Juvia. “I understand. I’ll make sure they don’t win this, and avenge Ichiya-sama.”
They stepped into the ring, and it was 2 vs 2. Chiharu was a young girl, roughly 10 years old, but she was almost as strong as a dragon slayer, even though she didn’t manipulate dragon slayer magic. “It’s you guys…how boring.” Chiharu was carrying a teddy bear in her arms, and her left eye was covered by an eyepatch. Lumika, who was in her twenties like Gray and the others, craned her neck and flopped her wavy hair. As she did so, her black eye colour turned into blue. Watching from the spectator stand, I understood what was going on : her magic changed with her eye, and as her eye changed colour, she would be able to use a different type of magic. That was extremely rare—and deadly.
“Let the match begin!” The conjurers announced.
“Juvia! Now!” Gray yelled as he stripped off his shirt in front of the crowd whom burst into cheers upon seeing Gray strip.
“Okay!” Juvia said. “Water vortex!” She sent a spinning tornado of water towards her opponents. Gray iced the rims. The vortex grew larger and larger and it hit Chiharu.
“Good job there, Gray!” Natsu cried out as he watched from the spectator stand.
“No, Natsu, she’s not defeated that easily. She’s much stronger than you think.” I said, watching the match closely. All of a sudden, the water repelled back at Juvia and electrocuted her. Juvia yelled in pain.
“JUVIA!” Gray yelled.
“Like I said, Lumika, this is boring.” Chiharu lamented, hugging her teddy bear.
Just then, I realized that there was something weird about the teddy bear. It wasn’t for show or cuddling. It was her weapon. The haunted bear—it would protect its owner at all costs and do huge damage to the person who attacked its owner.
Gray helped Juvia up. “You okay?” He asked.
“Yes. I know what we must do now.”
She gave him the look…the same look which they did the Water Nebula and Halo of Ice unison raid. Gray understood. I had given each member the essence of Fairy Law before the Daimatouenbu so they had the power to dispel all darkness.
“Water Nebula, Sea of angels!”said Juvia, using the advanced version of her water Nebula that she had mastered.
“Halo of Ice : Blizzard shower!” Gray and Juvia joint hands. The light above them gleamed so brightly it blinded the rest of the spectators.
“What’s this? A unison raid? Oh my!” A fake Ichiya said. This was a thoughtform created by Lumika before she went to the stadium.
The unison raid destroyed Chiharu’s bear and injured her quite badly. Chiharu let out a loud, blood-curdling scream as the pain surged through her veins. Lumika didn’t budge yet and she wasn’t injured, apart from the fact she changed her eye color. Gray and Juvia were rendered speechless. How powerful, exactly, was this monster?
“This can’t be…” I said. How could Lumika be so powerful? With a unison raid like that, no opponent should have been able to stand! I thought. Makarov, who was standing beside me, was absolutely worried. Chiharu was enraged. She ripped off the eyepatch which covered her eye. She had the same magic as Lumika—Eye-colour changing magic. “Now you’ll pay for killing my bear! Lumen Histoire! YAAAAA–!” My eyes widened. HOW DID THEY KNOW THE SECRET OF FAIRY TAIL, LUMEN HISTOIRE? That couldn’t be happening…if she cast Lumen Histoire on Gray and Juvia, they would die, not to mention be defeated! “STOP THIS!” I yelled. Too late…Gray and Juvia had been struck by the spell.


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