Fairy Tail Fanfiction : Gray x Juvia (Gruvia)

Gray fanfiction
It was Juvia’s birthday. Everyone decided to throw a party in the guild for Juvia. Juvia was elated and looked forward to her birthday celebration.
On the night of her birthday celebration, everyone turned up, except for Gray Fullbuster. 
“Gray…that bastard! Why isn’t he here for Juvia’s birthday party?” Natsu groaned. “I was looking forward to a fight with him!”
Lucy shook her head. “Natsu, it’s not a time to be thinking about this! Juvia’s upset enough that Gray isn’t here.” Lucy commented.
Juvia sobbed. “But Juvia believes Gray-sama will appear…” Juvia said between muffled sobs.
The game of charades was over.
The candles were blown out.
The cake was cut.
Still no sign of Gray Fullbuster. 
Juvia was heartbroken. She ran to the rooftop of the Fairy Tail guild hall. “GRAY!!! I hate you!” She said, crying incessantly.
Lucy and the others chased after her. “Juvia!” They called after her.
But when Juvia reached the rooftop, a familiar figure stood before her—Gray. 
“Sorry, Juvia. I was up here…” He said.
“Gray-sama…” Juvia began, “why…are you here?” She wiped away her tears as she stopped crying.
“I was waiting for a certain someone…” He said, as he walked forward and held her hand. “Eh?” She was taken by surprise.
“Ice make, fireworks!” Thousands of fireworks made from Gray’s ice magic shot into the sky. Juvia’s eyes sparkled as she witnessed the beautiful sight before her.
“It’s so pretty…Thank you…” Juvia smiled, a tear streaking down her cheek.
Then Gray turned towards her.
“Juvia…I’ve never given you am answer to this…but…I really like you a lot…you mean a lot to me.” Juvia’s eyes widened as she heard these words. 
“Juvia, will you marry me?” He asked, holding an ice-make ring in his hand. 
“Gray-sama…yes…I will…!” Juvia was tearing in the eyes as she hugged Gray.
“Woohoo!” The other guild members cheered as they witnessed Gray and Juvia. “I’ll never leave you alone again. You are not a dull and lonely rain woman. You are mine.” Gray whispered.
Gray inched closer to Juvia, and holding her cheeks he kissed her.

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