Fairy Tail fanfiction : Natsu x Lucy (NaLu)

NaLu fanfiction

It was a Friday evening and Natsu and Lucy had just completed another job the day before. As Lucy opened the door of her house, she saw Natsu sitting down on the sofa reading her novel. When he noticed she had come back, he said,” Oh Lucy, welcome back.”
“NATSU! Why are you in my room again! And why are you reading my novel without my permission?! Levy was supposed to be the first perso to read my novel! Geez…” Lucy looked around and realized Happy wasn’t around. “By the way, Happy’s usually with you, so why isn’t he around today?” Lucy asked as she put her bag down. Natsu looked up at her and put the novel down.
“He’s on a date with Charla I think…” Natsu replied.
“Hoho~That cat…” Lucy made a face.
“Speaking of which, I didn’t come here alone for nothing today.” Natsu said.
“You wanna go on a job with me?” Lucy asked.
“No…we just came back from one yesterday, didn’t we?” He replied with a laugh.
“That’s true…So why did you come, then?” Lucy wondered.
“Lucy, I came for you.” Natsu started to blush.
Lucy’s heart skipped a beat. Upon hearing the words, ‘I came for you’, she was rendered speechless. He got up from the sofa.
“Lucy…we’ve being doing jobs together for so long…fighting Oracion Seis, Grimoire Heart…and taking an S-Class quest together…you’ve been my partner for so long…” Natsu began, “and I don’t want to keep things the way they are right now…”
Lucy completely misunderstood his last few words and started to cry. “You…want to change things? ” She asked.
“Yes…” Lucy cut him off.
“Idiot! Why are you saying something like this? I’ve been there with you! Through thick and thin…we never have up…I stayed by your side. I…I always never left you behind—”
Natsu grabbed her and kissed her deeply. The tears from her eyes streaked down slowly and her eyes widened in shock.
“That’s why…I want to be with your forever. I want you to be my girlfriend. I want to be there to protect you. I don’t want to leave you behind. I want us to be Fairy Tail’s best team, together, always.” Natsu said as he released his grip off her.
Tears streamed down Lucy’s eyes.
“Thank you…Natsu…”


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