Fairy Tail Fanfiction : Jellal x Erza (Jerza) Part 2

Jerza Fanfiction (2)

*This is a continuation of Jerza fanfiction part 1. To read it, please visit my blog, yukafanfict.wordpress.com*
Erza and Jellal went into Jellal’s house and had some fun sewing dolls of each other. “That way, I’ll always carry you by my side.” Jellal said, giving Erza a hug. When they had finished sewing, Erza went home.
That night, Erza went to Lucy’s home. Now, Lucy has bought beds for each of them—Gray, Natsu and Erza. Her room was now twice as big as she had rented another unit in the same place one floor above, which was the rooftop. It was late at night when Erza reached Lucy’s place. 
“I’m back…” She said softly.
Erza opened the door slowly so that she wouldn’t wake the others up. 
“Natsu is snoring again…” she said to herself as she looked around the room. “And Gray’s stripped…his usual habit…Lucy’s started writing the second part to her novel series and she’s so tired she’s fallen asleep at the table.” Erza closed the novel for Lucy, and carried Lucy to her bed. That way, she would be able to have a good night’s sleep. She put down her stuff and took a shower. When she got out of the shower, she made herself some coffee and went to the rooftop where she sat down and enjoyed the night sky. In her arms she was clutching the doll of Jellal she sew earlier and stared up and the night sky. “I wonder if he’s looking up at the sky now…” She whispered to herself. Now it was coincidental that Jellal was sitting at his window ledge and looking up at the starry sky. “I wonder if she’s looking up at the sky now…” He whispered to himself.
They held on to each other’s dolls, and a sudden warmth filled their hearts. It was as though they were sitting right beside each other, embracing each other with a hug. It was the power of feelings—the magic of love.
“Now,” they said in union, “we’ll always be under the same sky.” 

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