Fairy Tail fanfiction : Natsu x Lucy (NaLu) part 2

NaLu fanfiction (2)
*This is a continuation of my previous Fanfiction. To see the previous part, visit yukafanfict.wordpress.com*
The next day, Natsu met Lucy in the guild hall.
“Oh, Lu-chan! You’re here!” He called out to her.
“Lu-chan? Hoho~I thought only Levy  called her that.” Cana said with a cheeky smile plastered across her face.
“Erm…I didn’t mean it that way…” Natsu blushed.
Lucy came and sat down beside him, equally embarrassed. Natsu then told the guild members that he had confessed to Lucy.
“REALLY?” Erza said in shock.
“Good job, Natsu!” Gray patted Natsu’s shoulder.
“Anyway, I heard of a job that the four of us can do. ” Erza commented. She handed them a request she took earlier that day, and handed it over to them. “It’s for 5,000,000J.”
“5,000,000J? That’s like 7 years worth of my rent!” Lucy shrieked.
“I’m all fired up!” Natsu punched his fist against his left palm.
“It says here that we have to destroy a rare gem hidden in the outskirts of the town of Galuna.” Erza pointed to the request.
“Galuna? Isn’t that the cursed island we went to about 2 years ago? (The arc which Gray fought Deliora)”
“Yes, it is…but it’s said to be a hidden town in the island of Galuna, and those who have tried to search for this gem have lost their lives and their efforts have been in vain.”
Lucy was a little hesitant.
Natsu saw her expression and wrapped his shoulder around her back.
“It’ll be okay! I’m with you!” Lucy smiled.
“Thanks for being here for me, Natsu!” She beamed.
“Anytime, Lu-chan!” Natsu said.
“Hohoho~getting all lovey dovey here? My my~” Levy raised her eyebrows.
“That’s not it!’ Natsu hollered at her and everyone had a good laugh.


3 thoughts on “Fairy Tail fanfiction : Natsu x Lucy (NaLu) part 2

  1. Way too many ships to handle says:

    Is there a part three to this? I want there to be a part three. There must be a part three. Lucy should get really hurt and like on her deth bed and Natsu gets all mad and goes full dragon force without eating a huge amount of magic power and accidentally kill the enemy. That would e a good story.

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