Fairy Tail fanfiction—After Grand Magic Games Sting and Rogue

Sting and Rogue
The match between Fairy Tail and Sabertooth had just ended. Sting and Rogue suffered a humiliating defeat. Neither Master Gemma nor Minnerva would forgive them, let alone themselves. While sitting in the infirmary room to recover, Rogue sat down in a corner alone while Sting was bursting with rage. “HOW COULD WE LOSE TO NATSU? EVEN THE TWO OF US THIRD GENERATION DRAGON SLAYERS COULDN’T WIN THAT MORIBUND FIRST GENERATION! DAMMIT!” Sting slammed his fists hard against the wall and it dented. Rogue didn’t speak a word, fearing that it would only worsen Sting’s mood.
Unaware of this, Sting strode towards Rogue and grabbed him by the collar. “You idiot! Why aren’t you saying a thing? Why are you always keeping quiet?! Aren’t you upset that we’re taken as imbecilic fools?” Sting raised a fist at Rogue, as though he were about to hit him, when Rogue grabbed Sting’s hand.
“You fool. We didn’t deserve to win that match. We were complacent, arrogant, ignorant—you know it. That day when you saw Natsu fight master Gemma you already knew…there was no way we could surpass his abilities!” Tears rolled down from Rogue’s eyes. “Just as you feel upset and bad enough about yourself, I feel the same! But what’s the point of harbouring on the thought of it when it’s already over?” Sting’s eyes widened upon hearing these words. “Rogue…” He said, in an almost inaudible whisper.
“Sting, it doesn’t matter if we don’t win. Most importantly, the bond between us doesn’t break. In fact, it is only through these times which friendship bonds grow stronger and stronger. That’s what Natsu meant.”
Sting nodded his head. He understood what Rogue meant. “I understand now. All I need, is you, my friend, to stay by my side. That alone, will suffice…” Sting bent forward and kissed Rogue gently.
“Thank you, Rogue…thank you…” Sting smiled wanly, years flowing out the corner of his eyes.


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