Fairy Tail Fanfiction—Gajeel and Levy (GaLe)

Levy was in the library when her phone rang.
“Shhh!” The librarian asked her to answer her call outside. She rushed out and answered her phone. It was a call from Gajeel.
“Hey shortie! What took you so long to answer my messages?” Levy put the phone away from her ear as he hollered into the phone.
“Were you trying to make me deaf? Anyway I was in the library so I didn’t check my handphone. Sorry. What did you look me up for?” Levy replied.
“Well…lets go to the beach tomorrow.”
“Can you come tomorrow?”
“Ok.” With that Gajeel hung up and left Levy chock full of question marks in her head.
When Levy woke up the next morning, she took a shower and went to the beach wearing a dress over her bikini. At the beach, she met Lucy, Erza, Natsu and Jellal apart from Gajeel.
“Levy-chan!” Lucy exclaimed,”you’re here!”
“Why are there so many of you here?” Levy asked.
“Cuz we’re having a celebration today for Valentine’s day!” Lucy said.
“Competition style~!” Erza jumped onto a rock.
“COUPLE VERSUS COUPLE—Beach volleyball!”
Levy was astonished, but at the same time, she might get to be with Gajeel, the guy she was fond of.
First was she and Gajeel versus Jellal and Erza. Levy took off her dress and walked into the play area.
“Let the match begin!” Lucy blew the whistle.
Gajeel started the ball and Erza hit it back hard. “Erza smash~!” She punched the ball and it flew back.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Natsu yelled. Levy jumped to hit the ball back, but alas she fell unto Gajeel and the ball went out, giving one point to Team Jerza.
“Owwie…” Levy said as she got up. She then realised she had fallen onto Gajeel’s lap and was sitting in a super awkward manner that even Gajeel himself began to blush. Levy was too shocked to budge. Natsu and Lucy was staring at the romance blossom while they walked over and pulled them to their feet. “Ok, it’s our turn now!” Lucy jumped into action. Cracking his knuckles, Natsu said his famous catchphrase. “Now I’m all fired up!”
“Fire dragon, Wing slash ball~!” Natsu said as he hit the ball over. Jellal used his flame magic to send te ball flying back. “Lucy, now!”
“Okay!” Lucy took out her celestial keys. “Open, gate of the maiden, Virgo!”
“Princess, is it time for punishment?” asked Virgo.
“That’s not it! Make two holes under Jellal and Erza now!”
“I understand, princess.”
Virgo made a big hole in the ground and Jellal and Erza fell into it. “Kyaa!” Erza said as she fell into the hole and Jellal caught her in his arms, princess-carrying style. “Thank you, Jellal.” She said. “No problem. But we have a problem, how are we going to get out of this hole?!”
Natsu and Lucy hopped over. “Until you admit defeat and I’ll get Virgo to pull you two out~the reward of a for 2 hotel stay will be ours~! Huehue…”
“Princess, my time is up. I have to go.” With that, Virgo went back to the spirit world.
“EHH! Virgo don’t vanish on me like that! Ooh no! How are we gonna save Jellal and Erza? ” However, Natsu and Lucy went to near that they fell into the hole as well.
Gajeel and Levy ran over to help them. “Are you guys okay?” Levy asked. “Not at all! How are we gonna get out of here?”
Erza suggested that she cast put her swords and make a spiral staircase of swords pierced into the sides of the sand so that they could climb up and get out. But they lacked one thing—a rope.
“Gajeel! Levy! Could you get us a rope or something long enough to get us out of here?” Jellal asked.
“Okay! We will be back soon!”
Gajeel and Levy knew that a rope was definitely too short for that, so they ran into the forest nearby to find some vines and tie them together.
On the way, Levy tripped over a branch and sprained her ankle.
Gajeel noticed and ran back to her.
“Levy! You okay?”
“Sorry…my ankle…hurts…”
Without saying anything else, Gajeel picked her up and piggybacked her. Her cheeks turned red like a lobster and she held on tightly to Gajeel. It felt so warm lying on his back. He was only wearing knee length pants. Although Gajeel was running fast, having Levy’s body pressed so closely on his body made him feel awkward. She was small and warm.
“Vines!” Levy pointed out and Gajeel noticed. He asked Levy to get off slowly so that he could get some vines for her to tie knots. Using his metal dragon slayer magic, he cut down multiple vines at one go in no time. He gave them to Levy who tied them into knots. It was hard pulling them and Gajeel had to help Levy pull the vines into knots.
After pulling many knots, they got tired and sat down for a while. A breathtaking scenery was before them. They were sitting under the largest tree in the forest, on the hill peak, overlooking the beach. It was almost evening and the sky was of a light pink hue tinted with a few golden streaks of sunlight. Gajeel sat down beside Levy.
“Erm Levy…” He started. Levy turned and looked at him.
“What is it, Gajeel?”
This was the first time he called her by her name. As she turned her head towards him, he went closer to her.
“I like…you.” His voice faltered a little.
Levy’s cheeks turned red. She felt the same. “Me too…” She smiled wanly. Gajeel thought he was being selfish, but upon hearing her say that, he hugged her in his arms.
“I wish we could stay like this…” Gajeel whispered into her ear, before he held her cheeks and kissed her. He paused and stop kissing her, letting her rest, before kissing her again. Gajeel and Levy had been holding back their emotions for each other for too long. They couldn’t let go.
At last, when they were finally out of breath, they stopped kissing, reluctantly, and stumbles to their feet. While carrying the vine back, they held hands. “Gajeel, I love you.” Levy said on the way back. She was glad she needn’t have to hold back her feelings anymore, knowing he felt the same way towards her.
When they got back, they put the vine down into the hole. Erza had just finished casting 100 swords to form a spiral staircase for them to climb out of. When Erza and the others got out, Natsu lamented,” Geez…what took you two so long?”
“It’s a se-cret.” Levy said sweetly, and Lucy raised her eyebrows. “Hoho~Relationship progression?”
Levy’s eyes widened. Lucy saw right through her and she blushed wildly. Lucy laughed.
But in her heart, Levy knew she wasn’t alone anymore. Gajeel was there, her pillar of strength, the one who protected her. As for Gajeel, his cold metal heart had turned warm, Levy had the magic to make it that way. That’s why he’d sworn he’d protect her no matter what the circumstances were, through thick and thin, he’d stay be her side.


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