Fairy Tail Fanfiction — Mavis and Zeref (Mavis x Zeref) Part 2

She was here all along, Zeref thought, as tears streaked down his cheeks. She died, but her soul lives on…by my side.
Mavis read his mind instantaneously. “Zeref…don’t cry. I’ve always been, and will always be by your side.” Mavis held onto Zeref’s hand. “Come, let’s go watch the sunset. It’ll make you feel better…” Mavis smiled and held onto his hand. Zeref realized her hand wasn’t cold…it was warm, as though she were alive again. “Mavis” He began, “your hand is warm…”
“Eh?” She looked at her hand. She giggled. “This is my human form. But it’s only temporary…do you want me to switch back?”
“Er…no…that’s not what I meant…” Zeref said softly.
Mavis who understood what he meant, nodded her head.
“Lets go!” She exclaimed.
They sauntered to the top of the highest point of the Tenrou tree, where Mavis had made a little area for them to sit on the tree leaves comfortably.
“Sit down and make yourself at home…” Mavis said as she sat down on the leaves. The sun was hanging over the horizon above the pristine sea waters, and it was about to set.
Zeref sat down and stared at the picturesque scenery before them. It was a day like this, when he had first met Mavis. He fell in love with her but she didn’t seem to know his feelings for her. As time passed, they became friends despite the fact that Mavis knew that he was the dark lord. As long as he didnt harm her guild, she was content. Even though the whole world rejected him, she embraced him. He felt so happy to have someone to accept him. He felt so happy with her. He had feelings for her. And now he couldn’t suppress them anymore.
“Mavis…” Zeref said.
“What’s the matter, Zeref?” Mavis asked with a smile plastered across her face.
“I…I er…” Zeref was far too embarrassed. His cheeks were flustered and he stuttered as he spoke. Abruptly, he embraced Mavis.
“Ze-ref?” Mavis was curious as to why he suddenly hugged her.
“Mavis, I…love you…” He said slowly. Mavis’s eyes widened.
“Mavis…you’re the only one who’s ever cared about me…the only one who’s ever accepted me…the only one…”
Zeref interrupted her.
“That’s why! Please give me the right to love you!”
Mavis blushed.
“To be honest…I…like you too…” Mavis smiled wanly.
Tears streaked down from both of their eyes.
Zeref held her cheeks and brought her face nearer to his. It was still warm…still human…it was as though he had never killed her. He was darkness, and she was the light, the light that would guide him back into the right path again.
Mavis inched closer to Zeref.
Their lips touched as the sun set. As Zeref kissed her, he felt the warmth of her lips touch his. She wasn’t dead. She was alive. As he continued to kiss her more deeply, he felt her getting warmer and warmer. It was as though she was coming back to life. Then he let go slowly.
“Mavis…You’re becoming warmer…” He said.
Mavis rubbed her hands together. “It’s true! I can feel my body again…”
“Mavis…you’re alive again…” Zeref rejoiced as he wiped away tears of happiness.”
Mavis hugged him. “Zeref, thank you very much. I love you.”
Zeref had miraculously revived Mavis. Although he supposedly had power to kill all living things around him, he revived Mavis. It wasn’t the power of darkness. It was the power of feelings—the love he had for Mavis, the one whom he loved and cherished.


Fairy Tail Fanfiction : Mavis x Zeref (Zervis)

On the island of Tenroujima, there lived the great black wizard Zeref. Tears streamed down his pallid cheeks as he sat at the grave of Fairy Tail’s first master, Mavis Vermellion.
“I caused your death, Mavis…I didn’t want to…it’s just that this world rejects me…” He sobbed incessantly as he touched the grave.
Images of the accident flashed before him.
30 years ago, Mavis and him were good friends despite the fact that she knew he was the black wizard Zeref. She knew that somewhere deep down inside of him, he was still a nice guy. One day while they were walking together, one of Zeref’s seizures came.
“It’s here…” He used his hands to cover his eyes. “Mavis! RUN!”
“What’s wrong, Zeref?”
“I’m not going without you!” Mavis said anxiously. Zeref just wasn’t acting right.
“RUN AWAY FROM ME!!!!!” Zeref yelled loudly and his scream reverberated through the air.
“NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” Mavis cried out, before she died in the face of Zeref.
“MAVIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Zeref yelled.
Eventually, the Fairy Tail guild members had built a grave for her at the heart of the Tenrou tree.
Sitting beside her grave, the guilt within him seemed to haunt him, and he felt miserable. “It was all my fault…” He said under his breath, as hot tears flowed down his cheeks. Everywhere he went, animals would die, and plants would wilt. Mavis was his light, but she was gone. “Mavis…where are you?” He sobbed.
A bright light shone from her grave. “Zeref…” A voice said. “I am here…”
Zeref looked up at the bright light.
“Mavis…? Is that you?” Zeref asked.
“Yes…Do not be afraid…I am with you.” She said in a gentle voice.
“Mavis…I killed you. I’m unforgivable…” Zeref crashed onto his knees.
“That is not the case…I didn’t die because you killed me…I died because I tried to save you.” Mavis replied.
“Anywhere and everywhere I go, living beings die and plants wilt before me. Nothing in this world accepts my presence…” Zeref sobbed.
“Zeref…even if the whole world rejects you, I will accept you. I’m not gone, I’m here, by your side, in your heart. Your darkness is needed just as much as darkness needs light.” Mavis’s soul appeared before Zeref. She stretched out her arms and embraced him.
“Mavis… …” Tears rolled down his cheeks.
“Don’t cry…No matter how far fate may do us apart, I’m always here, in your heart.”