Darker Evil Series : Book 1 (Chapter 8 : Exchange programme)

Chapter 8 : Exchange programme
That day, Mr Miname was going to announce those who had be chosen for the North Tyhia branch exchange which was in the next county. He was going to announce it during the assembly in the auditorium that afternoon.
“I really hope my application went through!” Rima cried out.
“Me too~!” Cintare said. They seated in their homeroom classes, not according to divisions, but in a mixed class.
Mr Miname walked onstage. “Mic test…” He began.
“Good afternoon school. Today we’ll be giving a briefing on the branch exchange programme that will commence next week. Firstly, the successful applicants are…
From Class 1E, Cintare Seis!” Cintare’s mouth fell wide. “I GOT CHOSEN!” She cried.
“Also from class 1E, Hyusune Tennouji, Rima Kagura, and Leandra Naseis.” The girls rejoiced.
“From class 1A, Reina Megumi!”
“The 5 of you will be in one group! Good luck!”
That day, during recess, they met Reina Megumi in the hostel canteen.
“Oh, it’s you! We’re all going to be on the same team! I hope we can get along well…” Cintare stretched her arm to shake hands with Reina Megumi, but unexpectedly Reina shoved her hand aside.
“Would you mind not talking to me like that? And don’t touch me as you please.” Reina gave her the cold shoulder and adjusted her spectacles before walking off.
“What’s her problem?” Cintare asked. “I didn’t do anything wrong.”
“Beats me…” Leandra shrugged.
Reina walked away. She felt sad that she had just broke her encounter with new friends. Her outer-character had done it again and messed everything up. She was too shy to speak the words from her heart and ended up hurting them instead.
That night, in their dormitory for the 5 of them, Cintare, Leandra, Hyusune and Rima were packing their bags. Hyusune had come over from her room in the hostel to help them out.
“Say…don’t you think that Reina Megumi girl is kinda annoyed with us…how should I put it? Like…the moment she sees us she feels like getting rid of us.” Rima sighed.
“Maybe…” Hyusune said, “who knows?”
“We’re leaving tomorrow…and I heard there were some guys from the dangerous ability class who are coming too.” Cintare said.
“What? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?!” Hyusune threw her clothes into her bag. She ran out of the dormitory immediately. ‘Jellal…I know it, I just know that you’re coming for this.’ Hyusune thought as she ran out of the dormitory.
“Hyusune! Where are you going?” Leandra asked as she poked her head out of the room door.
“I’ll be back in a jiffy! You guys pack your stuff first!” Hyusune called as she ran. Unknown to Hyusune, she had developed a habit of running barefoot.
She ran all the way back to the hostel and knocked on Jellal’s door. “Jellal, you there?” Hyusune knocked.
She heard footsteps from inside.
Suddenly, she heard a bang sound and the window latch being opened. Something was amiss.
She turned the knob and realised the door wasn’t locked. Apparently someone had come in from outside.
Hyusune rushed in.
“Jellal—!” She yelled, but stopped as soon as she saw an unconscious Jellal on the ground, covered in bruises and cuts.
She rushed over and saw a weapon on the floor. Using her magic, she lifted the object into the air without touching it, so as to prevent getting her fingerprints all over it. There was an inscription on the weapon. It read : this is a sabre cast out of blood, and by blood it shall return to it’s owner.
“By blood it shall return to its owner…? What could this mean?” Hyusune said as she observed the weapon.
Just then, Jellal started to cough blood and he spoke in a soft voice.
“Hyusune…It was…Irie…Tried…to…kill…me…” Jellal passed out.
“Jellal! Get a hang of yourself!” Hyusune yelled. ‘Its of no use…I have to treat Jellal at once…’
“Light Resonance, Melody of the angels!” Hyusune began to sing. This song was apparently a healing skill that she mastered which could heal any type of wound. She began to sing as she touched Jellal’s forehead.
Jellal’s eyes slowly opened. He found himself lying in a meadow of lilies, his favourite flower.
“A dream?” Jellal wondered. He saw Hyusune sitting beside him, and she was singing. He touched her hand to get her attention.
“Hyusune, where are we?”
“An illusion I created…” Hyusune replied, “with a healing purpose.”
“Oh… …” Jellal murmured as he got up and sat cross-legged.
Immediately Hyusune stopped the spell as Jellal had recovered.
They returned to Jellal’s room.
“Why did you stop? It was kinda nice…and I wanted to hear it for a little more…” Jellal asked.
“You’re better already, I don’t want to waste any more of my magic power on you if it isn’t necessary…”
Jellal ruffled her hair.
“What do you think you’re doing?”
“Nothing…but your singing was great…and angelic…”
“Cuz it’s supposed to the melody of the angels…” Hyusune rolled her eyes. “But anyway, who’s the Irie guy you talked about earlier?”
“Irie Takanashi from the Black Ops. He was after my life.” Jellal said with a stern look on his face. “That guy…Just because…”
“Just because?” Hyusune asked.
“Never mind…” Jellal sighed. ‘Some things are best to be kept under warps than to be brought to light,’ thought Jellal.However, Hyusune’s curiosity couldn’t be killed. She decided to ask her friends when she got back to their dormitory.
Meanwhile, she decided to clarify a few things with Jellal while she was still at his place.
“Jellal…are you going for the branch exchange programme tomorrow?” Hyusune asked.
“Are you trying to stalk me?” Hyusune raised her voice.
“No…I didn’t volunteer.” Jellal said as he picked up a book to read.
“Why are you on the list? Mr Miname didn’t call your name during the assembly meeting, so why are you on the list, then?” Hyusune blinked her eyes twice.
“Maybe my name wasn’t keyed in on time.” Jellal looked up from his book.
“Ugh…And I was so bothered by it…” Hyusune replied, as she thought about how foolish she was.
“And does my presence bother you? If I’m at the exchange programme, that is.” Jellal spoke.
Hyusune blushed. “No…it’s not that…”
“You’re blushing…” Jellal whispered.
Hyusune’s eyes widened in anger and embarrassment.
“You…shut up!”
“Childish as ever…” Jellal teased. “Grow up already…”
“Geez…what’s that supposed to mean?”
“Nothing…” Jellal smiled and continued to read his book, while Hyusune crossed her arms and made a pouty face.
She walked out of his door, saying, “meanie!” and left.
Jellal laughed.


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