Darker Evil Series : Book 1 (Chapter 11 : Secrets and mysteries)

Chapter 11 : Secrets and mysteries
According to what Makoto, Jellal and Kurosuke knew, this battle Miname made was definitely beyond insanity, and extremely dangerous.
The north and west teams were on the 4th and 5th floors. The south team had apparently gone missing from the dungeon.
Suddenly, Mr Miname annouced, “The south team has been devoured by the roaming boss monster, and therefore disqualified.”
Upon hearing this, they were abruptly taken aback.
“Roaming boss monster?! Miname never mentioned this at all!”
“Oi, Mr Miname! What’s going on?!” Fran and Hyusune asked angrily.
“This is a battle for survival. As tyhians, you must not show any signs of weakness.”
“Don’t be stupid! This is too dangerous for them—”
“If you think this is dangerous, why don’t I throw you into a real battlefield instead?!” Mr Miname yelled back.
Hyusune and Fran were equally upset but they couldn’t defy Mr Miname no matter how crazy he was.
Suddenly, the remaining teams met on the 6th floor after running through 5 levels of no monsters.
They began fighting each other while trying to get to the top floor.
“This is just too cruel to watch.” Hyusune and Fran said in unison. Somehow, they had became friends.
“Wait a minute…didn’t Miname mention there are 10 floors? Why are there only 9 on the screen?” Leandra asked.
“That’s because, once two teams reach the 9th floor, all the floors will crumble and the tower will be of a single floor, and the roaming boss monster will appear. ” Lucinda replied.
“But Mr Miname said the roaming monster ate the south team whole! How is that possible when none of the teams have reached the 9th floor yet?” Fayne asked.
“It is only possible because the south team’s leader was aware of the game. Keira lighted her orb as soon as they got into the castle. Apparently the monster within the castle is attracted to light, but if she knew the game, why would she lure the monster out to her team?” Hyusune pondered.
“Maybe she wanted to sacrifice herself to save the other two teams, or buy them time?”
“But the other two teams have night vision contact lenses. Why would she do that?” Jäger shook his head.
“An illusion in a illusion?” Evan suggested.
“That’s right!” Keira isn’t dead yet!” Keira’s team appeared on the eighth floor, a level above the fight between the other two teams.
“Amazing. Keira is totally a level above us in terms of intelligence.”
On the footage, it showed that the north team was wiped out and now it was a race against time for the south team and the west team, who were on the same floor.
Both teams made it to the ninth floor, which was a single platform where Mr Miname was standing on.
“Congratulations on reaching the ninth floor. However, there can only be one victor for this game. Complete the challenge ahead with a full team of living members and you win this match.”
Miname vanished using teleportation magic and the castle began to crumble.
“It looks so dangerous even on camera.” Reina commented.
“I know right.” Jäger replied as he leaned over the railing beside her.
Screams reverberated within the castle as the teams fell down on the bottom.
They watched in mute horror as a gigantic creature descended the tower and crashed onto some of the students who were crushed to death instantly.
“What the heck is that thing!?”
Twenty bony, spider-like legs and the body of an alligator.
“That’s a Sobek King…”
“SOBEK KING?! Are you serious?!”
“There’s no way they can kill that thing while killing each other! Impossible! Killing a mere Sobek is already considered a feat, how can they defeat that gargantuan thing when all of them are already dead beat?”
The teams staggered to their feet, fighting each other while dodging the monster’s attacks.
“You fools…YOU FOOLS!” Rima yelled loudly all of a sudden that even those within the castle stopped fighting.
The rest of them were rendered speechless.
Those inside the castle heard her words and tears began to stream down their cheeks.
“We heard you. Let’s do this, together!”
The two teams combined their efforts to slay the monster. It was 10 against 1.
The leaders of both teams, Keira and Shiroyan, did a combined attack with their swords.
The 4 sub-leaders hurled tornadoes and storms onto the Sobek King and the remaining wizards froze the ground beneath the monster to hold it in place while the leaders sliced the monster bit by bit.
“NOW DIE!!!!!!” Keira and Shiroyan yelled slashing their way into the heart of the Sobek King.
“Their teamwork is superb! They’re doing much more damage then we expected!”
When the Sobek King had finally been slain, all 10 members crashed onto the ground, powerless and drained of the energy to fight each other.
Mr Miname declared that both teams emerged victorious, since their magic energy was drained to zero.
Both Fran and Hyusune’s team applauded them for their good work. There was no time to mourn over the loss of casualties though, at the pace that things were taking place.
Miname was definitely hiding something with regards to this training…a secret he did not want to expose.
And the training over the course of the next two days was definitely going to be way more hectic than it already was.
That night, Fran asked to meet Hyusune on the second floor of the campus after dinner.
Hyusune felt that it was strange, but still agreed to meet Fran.
It was around 9pm when they met.
Fran was on the balcony of the second floor and she signalled Hyusune to come upstairs.
Hyusune came up to the second floor and met Fran.
“What’s up?” Hyusune asked.
“It’s…regarding the guy you’re always with…You know…” Fran twiddled her thumbs.
“Oh…so thats his name.”
“Yup. Wait, did you call me out just to talk about him?”
“Sort of. I want to talk about his sister.”
“I see you’re aware. I used to be his sister’s best friend.”
“Regarding Hatsune’s death…I caused it.”
“Please don’t tell Jellal…everything that happened was all my fault.”
“Tell me what happened.”
“6 years ago, on this day, Jellal and his sister were taking a trip out of school, using one of their eight opportunities. Nothing wrong at all. This was Jellal’s first trip out of school, but for Hatsune, this was her eighth. Mr Miname was curious as to why Hatsune left the school so many times within a small timeframe, so he instructed me to follow her, knowing I was her best friend. It turned out she was meeting someone of the central branch. I found out it was her twin brother. She had tried many times to meet him but he never turned up, and finally had. I was watching in the cafe opposite the restaurant where they were eating together when a man with orange-golden hair dressed in jeans and a black hood over his head walked into the cafeteria. He walked right before me and pulled out five magic knives. Flicking them and breaking the glass, he shot the knives right across the deserted road and they pierced through Hatsune’s body…I couldn’t even do a thing about it…” Fran sobbed. “He was right before me and I was too shocked to react…my best friend vanished right before my eyes.”
Hyusune embraced Fran. “It isn’t your fault. Anyone in your position wouldn’t have been able to react, especially when you were only 12 when it happened.”
Fran’s voice faltered. “Hyusune…you’re the only one who can remind him of his sister. She meant a lot to him…that’s why…please…replace her in his heart.”
“I understand…don’t cry.” Hyusune stroked Fran’s back. Earlier Kurosuke had told her Fran had a crush on Jellal, so she cared about him a lot. Hyusune finally understood why Jellal asked her to be his sister back then when they were at the lake.
When she got back to her group’s campsite, she saw Jellal sitting by the fire with some marshmallows.
“Where did you go?” Jellal asked, popping a marshmallow into his mouth.
“I just went for a walk.” Hyusune said as she sat down opposite him.
“I see. Here, have a marshmallow.”
“Thanks.” Hyusune said as she shivered slightly.
Jellal got up and sat beside her.
“What are you doing?” Hyusune asked.
“Keeping you warm. You’re shivering.” He said as he put one arm around her.
“I’m fine…I’ll just get my Fairy Tail jacket—” Hyusune got up and tried to go back to her tent, but Jellal grabbed her hand.
“Stay with me, please.”
Hyusune suddenly remembered that Fran told her something important — that day was Hatsune’s 6th death anniversary.
Hyusune sat down.Hyusune looked a bit like Hatsune, so Jellal was often reminded of Hatsune when he saw Hyusune. But soon those feelings were changing into something else.
Tears streamed down his eyes.
“Hatsune…I love you. So please…don’t leave me ever again.”
Hyusune understood the trauma he was going through. To have lost his sister right in front of his eyes when we was merely ten years old, it scarred his memory and drove him insane every year on the day of his sister’s death anniversary.
“Yes, brother. I’ll never leave you again.” Hyusune said softly.

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