How to train your dragon fanfiction (2)

Rivann was gone.
I was worried sick. I prayed hard that nothing would’ve happened to Rivann.
As I walked through the village, to my surprise, the other Vikings seemed to look as frantic as I was.
“My zipplebacks are missing!”
“My whispering death is gone!”
“Where’s our gronckle?”
Strangely enough, everyone’s dragons were missing apart from the 5 teens.
Just then, Hiccup and his gang landed in the middle of the village.
“What happened here?” He asked as he looked around. “Where are all the dragons?”
The village elder, who owned 5 terrible terrors, stood out and with a sad shake of her head, proclaimed that the dragons had gone missing.
Other than Toothless, Stormfly, Meatlug and the other dragons which the 5 teens had, all the dragons had vanished.
Just then, Hiccup approached me.
“Your name is Jen Forest, right?”
“Yessir!” I replied politely.
“Ah c’mon. We’re the same age. You don’t have to call me that. Hiccup is fine.”
This was probably the first time I ever got to speak to him, the village chief that replaced Stoick after the tragic incident when Toothless killed him.
“My dragon went missing too.. Hopefully you can help find the villagers’ dragons back as well!” I said as I clasped my hands together.
“We promise. You’re a dragon rider too? ”
Astrid walked over towards us and knocked me in the shoulder.
“Then why don’t you join us?” She smiled.
“One more gal to join us? The more the merrier!” Snout exclaimed.
“Well, as long as you guys get along that should be fine!” Gruffnut and Tuftnut replied.
“I’m okay with it! Meatlug is too!” Fishlegs patted his gronckle Meatlug.
“So what are you guys waiting for? Let’s go on an adventure!” Astrid signaled me to get onto Stormfly.
With that, we rode away into the wilderness as the other Vikings bade us goodbye, full of hope that we’d bring back the dragons.


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