Fairy Tail fanfiction : Mavis and Zeref Part 3 (Zervis)

-Note : please read the latest Fairy Tail Manga chapter 436 before reading this-

It was another day on Tenrou island and Mavis had just awoken from her sleep. She sensed a presence approaching her.

Zeref appeared before her and sat down. It was a calm and quiet morning. They decided to rest against the Tenrou tree. 

“Natsu and the others are so concerned over END…They’ve destroyed Tartarus a few years back, and recently I’ve recieved word that they have stopped operation purification. ” Mavis said as she lay on Zeref’s shoulder.

“END is one of the books I created to destroy myself…living for 400 years has been really meaningless and painful…especially when I’ve done so much hurt to so many innocent people. I’ve been cursed, and I need someone to end my immortality.” Zeref said, his tone slightly stern.

Mavis got up. “One of the books of Zeref?”

“Yes,” he replied. “It is the strongest among those whom I have created. But it will be the most painful death I can recieve…” A tear streaked down his eye. 

Mavis put her warm hands over his cheeks and wiped his tears away. “Why is that so?” She asked gently.

“Because… My brother whom I loved so…much…which I painstakingly tried to revive through thousands of means and ways and finally did so…will be the one to end my life, the same life I had given him…” Zeref said between muffled sobs. He clenched his fists and teared up.

Mavis was shocked and flabbergasted. At a loss for words, she stared blankly at Zeref.

“By END…you mean…Ethernias…Natsu…Dragneel…?”Mavis’s voice faltered as she spoke.

“That’s right…” Zeref whispered softly as he choked. “Ethernias Natsu Dragneel. My brother.”


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