Darker Evil series : Book 1 (Chapter 15 : New enemy)

“That’s right…” Irie touched Reina’s cheek. “I belong to the LoS.”
“Get yer filthy hands off me!” Reina exclaimed angrily as she brushed his hand aside roughly.
“Ho. I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Irie walked away from her. “In minutes, all of you will be crawling at his feet and begging for mercy.”
Rima had kept her telepathic channel on, and all of them heard the conversation. Crawling at his feet? Who?
Hyusune and Fran and the others immediately rushed to exit the prom hall to where Irie was keeping Rima and Reina.
“Not so fast!” The LoS black ops students began to attack them and prevent them from reaching Rima and Reina.
“Get out of our way!” Hyusune and the others ranted angrily.
“We’ve got no time to waste on you!” Fran shot out at them with bolts of chain lightning.
“We’ve got our friends lives to save!” Shiroyan slashed through them with his dual blades.
“Hyu-chan! Our teams will stay here! You get your team to save Rima and Reina-sama! We will cover your back!” Fran exclaimed as she and her team brought down the LoS students.
“Thanks Fran! Guys! Let’s go!” Hyusune and her team ran off from the prom hall as Shiroyan and Fran’s team battled the LoS students.
“Jäger! Now!” Evan of Fran’s team said as he cast a pool of water in the room.
“Right back at ‘cha, Eren!” Jäger cast holes in the water to make whirlpools to suck the LoS students in.
However, the LoS students were far more well-trained than they had expected them to be. Not only did they evade the attack, the LoS students played a touch and go game : they evaded the attack, struck them back, and hopped backwards swiftly.
“Dammit! They’re strong!” Shiroyan exclaimed.
“Don’t give up so fast! Eeeyahhhhhhh!” Fran raged as she slashed through them. “Open the gates of hell : I summon the Goliath of Darkness! Come to our aid!”
Out of the ground that cracked came out Fran’s massive monster. It let out a loud, deafening roar that richocheted in the prom hall. The roar itself weakened the LoS’s students defense, making it easier to attack them.
“Nice one, Fran!” Kurosuke exclaimed.
“Lets go, everyone!” Fran and Shiroyan’s team charged ahead. “We will not lose!”
Meanwhile, Hyusune’s team located Reina and Rima.
“Irie! Let go of them!” Hyusune yelled and drew out her katana.
“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you become this violent, Tennouji-sama.” Irie grinned.
“And it’s been a while since I’ve been roaring to get back at you for what you did to my friends!” Hyusune charged forward swiftly and slashed Irie’s right arm and the other student’s hand, leaving a big scar and a bleeding open wound. Irie and the other student released their grip of Rima and Reina, who rushed to join the rest of the team.
Irie and the other student, Yuuji, staggered to their feet.
“My. You’ve gotten way stronger since the last time we fought.” Irie wiped the blood off his stained long sleeve shirt.
“There’s more to where that came from!” Makoto and Jellal charged forward and attacked Yuuji, who retaliated against their attacks.
“Your martial arts do not work against me, fools!” Yuuji did a somersault and landed heavy kicks on them.
“Leandra, its your time to shine!” Rima said as she continued to nullify Mako and Jellal from the pain Yuuji was giving them in his attacks.
“Got it!” Leandra jumped high into the air and delivered a merciless flying kick right under Yuuji’s jaw. “Take that, you bastard!” Yuuji spat out blood as he was knocked off his feet and onto the ground.
“At last, a worthy opponent has arrived.” Yuuji chuckled as he wiped away the blood from his mouth. Leandra stood strong on her feet. Channeling the energy in her body to her fists, she charged forward at the speed of light and punched Yuuji upwards, before Yuuji could even react.
“Take that! And that! And that! Koryaaaaaaa!” Yuuji was totally being beaten to a pulp. Leandra did not cease her endless streak of punches to his acupuncture points around his face and chest.
Within minutes, Yuuji was completely defeated, and a few of his teeth were broken.
“As expected of the master of Martial arts! Well done Lea!” Makoto cheered.
On the other end, Hyusune and Cintare were fighting Irie.
“Why did you betray the LoE, Irie? ” Cintare questioned as she cast a a fire blizzard that rained fire all over Irie.
“I was always a member of the LoS…You dumb fools have yet to realize what a fatal mistake it is not to side with the dark lord.” Irie commented as he dodged the balls of fire.
“Wing of poison!” Irie slashed out poison at them, which would weaken them significantly if they got hurt.
“Watch out!” Hyusune cried. “We’ll get seriously hurt if it touches us!”
“It’s okay Hyuu! I’m working on it! ” Rima was nullifying them from Irie’s poison attacks, so they could focus on defeating Irie.
“Why are you doing this?! Answer me!” Hyusune said as she summoned her Katana of Light and charged forth towards Irie. She cut multiple strokes into the air and they landed on Irie, who cried out in pain.
“Haven’t you ever heard of the saying that if you can’t beat em, join em? You are no match for the dark wizard! His descendants will be upon you soon and destroy all of you!”
“You never know until you try!” Leandra jumped into action and delivered a flying sidekick to his face.
“That’s right, and with the power of bonds and friendship, we can overcome all odds together!” Mako and Jellal sprung into action and punched Irie.
“You think mere punches will affect me?” Irie laughed.
“You’re wrong. Touch-and-go explosives, ignite!”
“Ow shit-”
Too late. The explosion went off, and Irie was severely injured.
“We did it!” Cintare cried out.
Just then, Fran and Shiroyan and everyone ran over to the toilet.
“Guys! You all okay?” Fran asked, panting heavily.
“Yea. Did you guys manage to locate the bomb?”
“Yes, Mr Miname has sent a team over to detonate it already. We’re all safe now.”
“Or at least, that is what you think…” A voice came from above. The man with golden hair had made his appearance. The one who murdered Hatsune!
“At last we meet…Jellal Fernandes.” He grinned.

*Until we meet the next time in chapter 16, see you! -Hyun Jae*


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