Darker Evil Series : Book 1 (Chapter 16 : Menace amidst the suffering)

Chapter 16 : Menace amidst the suffering

It was too late.
Fran and Shiroyan’s team was hit by the blast.
The bomb the team was set to detonate was merely an illusion.
The real bomb was set near the restrooms where they were.
The hall was set ablaze and standing on the second floor of the block opposite the restrooms was the man with the golden hair.
He smirked.
Fran, who was lying on the ground in a half-conscious state, muttered under her breath, “You…murde-rer…”
Jellal, who was quickly aware of the situation, ran up the stairs and jumped over the railing from the second floor onto the platform where the murder of his sister stood.
“Nagasaki Ayase!” Jellal’s eyes were filled with rage and hatred as he charged forth to strike him. “I’m not letting you off this time you scumbag!”
“I’m sorry but I’ve got no time to play with a kid like you, Jellal-kun.” Ayase said as he swiftly dodged Jellal’s attacks.
“You ass!” Jellal was infuriated by his remarks and managed to land a blow right at his stomach.
Sensing there was no more time left, Ayase vanished, turning into hundreds of black leaves which burnt in the fire, emitting fumes of poison which weakened everyone’s nerves, and they all passed out.
Over the next few days, their conditions worsened. They were all in the mansion which had become the main infirmary for all the injured pupils. Odellia, from their home branch, had already dispatched some of the staff with healing powers as well as some ace students with healing magic to come down to the scene to treat the casualties. Meanwhile, Odellia and three other student councillors were making their way down to the campus as well to assess the situation and bring some antidotes from their branch, because they felt something was amiss.
To make matters worse, the chemicals in the water used for their final battle were draining their magic away, and a few students were vomiting black blood for serveral days.
Till that day, none of the staff were aware that the seawater they used had been intoxicated with poison, including Sir Ryuuto and the other teachers who were put in charge of that segment of training. Someone had definitely stepped in to slip the toxins into the water. But who, and why?
Hyusune and the others were all extremely lethargic to the point they had to crawl on the floor to move about, and beads of perspiration dripping down from their burning foreheads. Most of them had gotten pretty bad fevers.
Jellal and Hyusune were totally too weak to heal them as well. They had also been inflicted by the poison, which was causing detrimental effects on their health.
“All we can do is to wait for Odellia and the student council to get here-”
Hyusune looked around the room her members were in. Most of them were lying in a corner, faces flustered red and they were shivering.
Just then, someone pat Hyusune on the back. It was Leandra.
“Lea-chan? ”
Leandra put a blanket over Hyusune and wrapped her in it.
“I figured this would be the best way to keep warm.” She smiled wanly, wearing a scarf around her neck.
“T-thank you.” Hyusune replied, slightly shocked by Leandra’s sudden kind gesture.
The rest of them were huddling up in bunches, but Celestine and Jellal were missing.
I wonder where those two went, Hyusune thought.
Just then, Hyusune spotted Fran coming towards her.
“Kuroooo-chan!!!” Fran’s face was extremely flustered as though she was in a drunken stupor.
“Ehh ?!” Hyusune’s eyes widened in shock as Fran held her tightly.
“Kurosuke~ Hold me~” Fran said as she clung tightly onto Hyusune.
“You do know I’m not Kurosuke do you?” Hyusune stared at her.
Just then, Kurosuke stepped into the room.
“So that’s where she ran off to. Well, I’ll be taking her back to rest now. She’s drunk beyond hope.” Kurosuke said as he dragged her by the back of her jacket.
“Let go of me you big fat mweanie—” Fran lamented as she struggled to escape Kurosuke’s clutches.
“Bye bye~” Hyusune smirked as she waved to Fran.
This is so embarassing…oh god. Kurosuke thought, as he brought Fran out of the room and back to theirs.
Hyusune wandered off to Celestine’s original room, wondering if Celestine would be there.
To her dismay, she saw Celestine being strangled by a teenage boy, with the mark of the darker evil clan (the elite dark mages that were lead by Daemon, the black wizard) running across his neck.
“Yo!” He smiled, as though nothing had happened.
“Hyusune…help…” Celestine said as tears rolled down her cheeks. She couldn’t do anything. Her magic had more or less, been completely exhausted.
“Sure…” He said as he released his grip over Celestine, who coughed and crumbled to the floor, “Hyusune Tennouji.”
“Don’t call me by that name!”
Just as Hyusune was about to spring into action, Jellal arrived at the scene!
“Stop right there.”
“Now who do we have here?” The wizard rolled his eyes.
“Your worst nightmare.” Jellal said in a deathly whisper, as he slipped his own black ops mask over his face.
“Jellal? ” Hyusune was stunned at Jellal’s appearance at the scene.
“Heh…the male protagonist has appeared.” The teenage wizard snarled, “But I’m sorry I don’t have time to play with a bunch of kids.”
“What do you mean—?” Hyusune gasped in shock as she suddenly realized her clothes couldn’t fit her anymore and she had shrunk.
Looking at her hands, she had been reduced to a mere six year old.
“I’ve become tiny!” She exclaimed, as all the wold thoughts began running through her head.
Immediately she pictured Jellal saying, “Sorry, I have no interest in small girls.” in her head. She panicked and hid her face in embarrassment.
Just then, she saw a tiny little boy beside her.
Jellal had shrunk too.
Hyusune giggled.
“What’s so funny—AHHHHHH!” Jellal shrieked as he stared into the mirror.
“WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME, YOU BASTARD!?” Jellal ran around frantically, but he was still as uncouth as he normally was.
“Sigh. Like I said, I have no time to spare on kids. If you’ll excuse me I’ll be taking your friend with me-”
Just then, a boomerang blade flew right past the teen’s head and cut off a part of his hair as he dodged it. “What the —?!”
“Not so fast, you freak.” Odellia said as she caught the boomerang back with her hand.
Odellia had arrived on time with the antidotes for them!
“Odellia!” Hyusune and Jellal exclaimed, both already on the verge of exhaustion.
Passing them the antidotes, which they drank down in gulps, Odellia stood up and prepared her boomerang blade for her next attack.
Celestine, Jellal and Hyusune all got back to their normal selves, and stood up on their feet.
“Now then, it’s time for a real battle.” Celestine gave the teenage wizard a glassy stare of deprecating horror.
“Yes,” Jellal said as he cracked his knuckles, “My body’s raging for a fight.”
Seeing that he was outnumbered, the teen wizard fled, jumping out of the window and fleeing into the forest beside the mansion, before escaping back to his clan’s headquarters.
“Dammit. He got away.” Hyusune muttered under her breath.
But all of this just spelt more trouble for them.
And why did it seem as though they were deliberately targeting Celestine?

**Author’s note : I’ll be releasing chapter 17 quite a while from now, do be patient with me 🙂 **


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