LoS and LoE masks : Darker Evil series

Essentially what I’ve been doing in class today haha 😛 

The LoS and LoE of the black ops masks 😀

*In case you are wondering what LoS and LoE are, they are the two divisions of the Black Ops. The Black ops (Black Operation Personal Spies) were classified under 2 factions after a dispute occurred that involved the black wizard, Daemon Nagasaki, who was rumored to have affiliations with the Black Ops. The 2 factions in the Black Ops are the Legion of Elfa (LoE) and the Legion of Shvir (LoS). The LoE and LoS aren’t technically enemies, but there is a clear line between them that the LoE are involved in protection and all students in magic school branches are LoE. The LoS are affiliated with wizard traffickers who sell the victims to the outside world as slaves after draining them of their magic power. There have also been some wizards who were descendants of Daemon, with Daemon’s blood running in them, and only they alone could defeat Daemon. They call it Daemon’s genes—and to people who have inherited these genes, they are known as the Ryakken beings.*


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