Poem of the day : Nightmare dreams

I’m being cornered, chased, and trapped by darkness ; 

maleficient creatures which lurk in this dark abyss. 

On the prowl, going after me with all their might,

as I run, and run, deeper into the night.

My feet grow tired and weary,

for this body, my feet can no longer carry.

Skin under my soles start to peel off,

and my legs are covered in sweat, dust and dirt,

Breathing heavily with each step,

I run towards an unforeseen end ;

all I want to do is to escape this nightmare,

pandemonium, and fear from within.

My clothes become tattered and torn,

ripped away by thorns,

leaving my garment in holes,

and my clothes tattered and stained with blood.

I feel an icy breath behind my neck,

sending incessant chills down my spine.

Panicking, I sprint ahead,

not even taking the risk of turning my head.

I keep on running, and running—

my mind is spinning and spinning.

Suddenly, a bright light at the end of the pathway,

blinding, bright, and yet so bold,

but could it be my escape foretold?

The bright light at the end of the tunnel,

my glimmer of hope…

and my last chance for survival.


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