Poem of the day : The Candle and the Girl

A matchstick lit me up

and I glow faintly

in the eerieness of night.

The cold wind blows,

and I flicker through the night.

I try to keep my flame alive

through the whole night.

I need to keep someone alive.

A little girl is relying on my warmth

to survive the cold night.

Her ragged clothes all covered in snow,

she shivers and catches a cold.

She holds me tightly in her hand,

breathing heavier with each breath.

I can’t die out on her ; or we will both vanish forever.

The freezing winds try to put me out,

but I do not waver—

I remain alive, stronger than ever,

for this child, I am her lifesaver.

The child’s fingers shudder

and they get colder by the hour.

She doesn’t know when someone else will come,

and save her from her predicament forever.

All her days she has been selling matches and candles, and I am the last of her stock.

Her legs are frozen and her fingers are trembling.

The snow storm gets stronger and snow covers my wax.

I try hard to keep her alive, but the snow, like an antagonist, wants to end my life.

More snow covers her hands.

She trembles and tries to hold me tightly, till the very end.

As my flame gets smaller, before dying off, she breathes her last and whispers , “Thank you, for saving me, friend.”

My wax is all gone and I cannot be rekindled.

Her body is frozen and she can no longer move.

Midnight comes and we both disappear

away from the world forever.


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