Poem of the day : Resonance of Nature

The wind blows gently,

ruffling my hair.

As I clasp onto a flower,

one whiff just gives me to power

to envision peace and happiness.

My mind wanders

as the aroma tingles my senses,

the smell of pollen grains,

and the fragrance from the flower-

when taken together,

makes me feel much more sober.

My soul takes off

and flies to another world


imaginary, yet divine

unlike this world.

I can hear the melodies of singing birds,

the sound of the gales of wind,

the rustling of the lush green grass

beneath my feet ;

my senses are overwhelmed

by the song of nature.

In this place,

worries, burdens and stress

ceases to exist.

So cast aside your troubles,

step into the meadow,

embrace nature

and cast aside your sorrows…

For happiness and joy

will come naturally

as you stand within nature

with smiles, all jolly.





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