Short story 001 : Fame is not everything

Once, I met a girl who, despite the fact that she had many fans and followers on her social media, was unhappy. Now, you may be wondering why a person like that wouldn’t be happy. It took me a while to realize and subsequently I decided to write this story to share something important I’ve learnt which many people in the world don’t realize today.

It is not uncommon to see people around us with over 1000 followers on Instagram or Twitter. In fact, teens these days get up to 10,000 followers especially if they’re good at something that everyone is interested about. But I want to talk about something different. Something most people have misconceptions about. Many people feel that fame is everything, and that’s what makes you the popular kid at school or at your workplace. But now let me tell you otherwise.

Fame is NOT everything.

This girl whom I knew for about 2 years was a pretty well known teen who liked to dress up as her favourite anime characters and wore makeup on a normal basis pretty often as well. For one, she has well over 3 thousand followers on Instagram. She gets likes on her posts, but never any comments. Why? Those 3 thousand people aren’t her real friends, at least not all of them. And she’s unhappy, because she’s lonely. She said a few days back that she was jealous of others despite the fact she was more ‘popular’ than them, because no one gave her any comments or words of encouragement or support. No one out there among the 3 thousand truly cared about her because they were blindly liking her photos and didn’t actually bother to share their thoughts with her. And sad to say, many of us belong to that category of ‘followers’, which I shall address in a separate post.

Why are humans so power-hungry? Why is there this inevitable nature in us that we all want to be noticed by others? Why do we crave fame? Why do we desire attention? That’s partially because we’re human beings, and at some point in time we just want to be noticed and shine brightly in the limelight. But this is not the way to go about doing it. When people become ‘famous’ online, it does not mean they are famous offline in the real world – in fact, many of them are lonely, and in an attempt to search for true friends, they try to gain fame, but they just become more lonelier because the hole in their hearts can’t be filled with contentment over a numerical value of their number of followers on social media. It’s just not gonna work out. If you thinking that you’re more popular than a friend of yours just because you have 3000 followers versus a friend of yours who only has 300, you’re wrong. Online popularity in this sense does not give one that same feeling of satisfaction nor happiness that we get when we mingle with the people around us in our lives and spend quality time talking, cracking jokes and just have heart-to-heart talks with them.

So, if you ever feel demoralized because of the fact that you feel that there are people you know who are more popular ‘online’ than you are, don’t fret and be happy because that popular person who is ‘at the top’ is all lonely, and wishing that she had friends who could talk to her the same way they talk to you. So cherish and enjoy the moments which you spend with the people you love, be it your family or friends, and don’t take them for granted. Don’t give them up in the pursuit of fame. Every moment you spend with them is priceless. You never know when you may breathe your last, so live each day as if it is your last, and you’ll lead life to the fullest, without lusting for power and popularity that will give you  false happiness in life.

Blindfold yourself to fame and popularity. It doesn’t give you true happiness, (unless you’re a celebrity and fame is natural in your scope of work) and you’d be better off living a happier life without fame.


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