Poem of the day – The pain of Amnesia

What if one day you woke up

And found that your memories were gone

Not knowing who you are

Nor where you came from?


What if all your memories

Faded away all of a sudden

All those things you wished you remembered-

Just seemed to be forgotten.


All those times you held dear

All those moments you wished you’d cherished

Faded, gone, and disappeared,

As though they never existed.


The people who supported you

through good times, bad times

And cheered you on till the end-

Doesn’t it pain you now that you can’t remember

Anything because of amnesia?


Their words, their actions,

and all the time they spent with you

Doesn’t it hurt when you can’t remember

Anything that brought you so much cheer?


Their love, their care and their compassion for you

Doesn’t it hurt not being able to remember

All the times they cheered you up

When times got tough,

And the times they embraced you in a hug

And made you forget all that was hard?


The person whom you loved the most

Your soulmate, your dearest.

Not being able to recognize his face,

Probably hits you the hardest.


Not being able to remember that apology

Which you could have used to save a friendship

Not remembering that date

Which you could have reunited with your family

after staying apart for so long,

hurts when you don’t even remember

how you were feeling that December

for Christmas to come,

and a reunion feast together.


Not being able to remember it all

Because you have amnesia

Not being able to recall

Anything at all-

It hurts…like hell.




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