Short stories 002 – Priceless, unconditional love

People these days, boys and girls alike, all want an intelligent, good-looking partner from an affluent background. Or at least, these are the 3 ideals most people have when looking for a life partner.

There are also people who say, “What is so good about her that made him fall for her?” and “Eww, you’re dating him?”

To me, these people haven’t actually found what the true meaning of love is…yet. Think of it this way: one day, your super rich boyfriend goes bankrupt overnight, gets into a car accident which makes him disabled for life and half of his handsome face is so badly scarred that he looks ugly and no longer handsome. Ask yourself, would you still love him? Or because now that he has nothing, you will leave him to spare yourself some face, and not waste your life with him? Will you find someone else that you feel you wouldn’t need to spend the rest of your life pushing him about in a wheelchair?

Unless you can say that you will truly stick by your partner’s side even when he is scarred and broke; unless you can say that through thick and thin you’ll be there for him; unless you can say he’s not flaunting material, and thrash when he no longer can be flaunted; unless you can say you’ll love him regardless of what happens, you do not know what true love is.

Love is unconditional.

And we should always, ALWAYS value CHARACTER over looks.

A person’s looks can be destroyed overnight. But his character CANNOT.


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