The journey of us

Warmth in our hands, radiance in our hearts.

Neither of us came from the most perfect of families.
Neither of us had it good.
Neither of us had perfect backgrounds and histories.
Neither of us knew we’d end up together someday.
It all began when I used to sing,
songs you loved listening,
we met once, exchanged glances,
and never knew,
there were more chances,
for us to meet
and for friendships to grow.

2 years later, mistakes are made.
But we’re all humans, this is merely a mistake.
Flawed as you may be, so am I.
No one is born perfect,
unless you’re a programmed AI.
We all make mistakes,
from time to time.

Together we grew,
and started anew.

Your once broken, shattered state,
now repaired, and reshaped,
morphed into kindness, warmth and love,
dispelled away all traces of hate.
The ice now broken,
warmth released.
That old you
now ceased to exist.

Now its us and we,
we’re together,
not “you” and “I”.
We learn together,
brave challenges together,
and grow stronger together.

People may wag tongues,
criticize or hate.
But stay strong,
and have faith.
Support and encourage,
give and take.

It’ll never be smooth sailing,
there’s always ups and downs.
Life isn’t a bed of roses,
nor a glorious crown.

Nevertheless in bad times,
I’ll be here to share your burdens.
We’ll walk through bitterness,
hand in hand,
and I’ll be your pillar of support
to help you stand.

Here’s to the journey of us…may this be start, and may there be no end.








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