Hi guys 🙂

My exams are ending in 10 days (hurray) and after that I’ll be starting on a new series (which I have no thought of a name yet) that will be replacing Darker Evil so I hope you guys stay tuned if you want to get updates of my newest story which I’ll be releasing soon (probably challenging myself to complete a chapter every 2 or 3 days I hope).

Until the next time we meet, adios~

-Hyun Jae


Eyes – The reflection of Your soul

They say that the eyes are the windows, to your inner soul ; your thoughts, feelings, and emotions…

The key that unlocks the doorway to your heart.

But not everyone’s door is so easy to push open…Not everyone’s door has a single padlock.

Sometimes opening up to people can be hard, especially when you don’t know them very well, and when you’re trying to make new friends.

Sometimes you feel that they cannot understand your plight and situation no matter how much they try to empathise – they will just never be able to share your sentiments, thoughts, or feelings.

Be it saddness, bitterness or hate ; emptiness, sorrow or woe…

Be it family problems, emotional turmoil, or grief that drives you to the point of exhaustion…be it heartaches and headaches that are driving you insane…you’ll never let anyone understand that pain.

Because you’d rather keep it all to yourself, bottle it up inside, than let it gush out freely and spare yourself from suicide.

It takes ever so long, once in a lifetime, (or maybe not at all) to ever find that one person that can actually understand you and help you go through it all.

But when you’ve finally found that person, only he (or she) is truly the key that fits the padlock of your heart.

Unlocking your inner emotions, and seeing the true reflection behind those esurient eyes that glitter in the sunlight.

-Hyun Jae

Artwork taken from Pinterest

You can be King again : Lauren Aquilina

You’ve got it all, you lost your mind in the sound. There’s so much more, you can reclaim your crown. You’re in control, rid all the monsters inside your head…put all your faults to bed…you can be king again.

Believe in yourself. No matter what the difficulties are that you face in life, never give up in the face of adversity.

You’re the master. You’re in control.
(P.S. Sorry for not posting in months)
Deviantart belongs to @lazziecat

-Hyun Jae