If I want to be in a relationship with you, it means I want to spend my future with you and get married and have support each other’s burdens throughout life. A relationship is a commitment. I wouldn’t date you without marriage in mind; I wouldn’t date someone just because he looks handsome or because he’s rich – I’d date him because I love him for who he truly is and I want to spend my life looking after him. 

A relationship. As cliche as it sounds, its a commitment – people don’t date for the plain sake of being able to show off that he or she has a partner. 

You date someone because you love everything about them that there’s no specific thing that you love like “he’s got a great voice” or “she’s got a beautiful figure”. 

You love someone because of their personality and all their flaws that makes them, them . And that is something that no one else can replace ; the sacrifices they make for you, the plans they share with you about a future together and the time they take to spend with you because they want to make you feel loved, appreciated and happy – that’s when you know they truly do love you for who you are and not just for the sake of popularity. 

I want to do my best for the both of us. So that we’ll be happy together. 

-Hyun Jae


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