The future is never too far out of grasp

We weren’t born to know at birth what we were going to become in future. The future is an uncertainty — only God knows what the future holds for us. I choose to embrace life and all its challenges that it encompasses. 

Life in uncertain.

One moment, you’re at the pinnacle of your career performance — the next you could be crumbling at rock bottom, devastated over how a single mistake could ruin everything you’ve toiled so hard to achieve.

You’re not alone. 

Many people don’t know for sure where they’ll end up in life — circumstances change everything, and we’ll always never really just stay in one place. But that doesn’t signify that you’re useless or weird. You’re special in your own way. And whatever life throws at you, adapt! Make your way around those problems that draw you out of your comfort zone. 

It isn’t over just because of a single mistake.

It’s just the beginning. There’s more to come.

So forget about the past, and move on to the present. Place your faith and hope in a new tomorrow, and not dwell over the regrets of yesterday…
-Hyun Jae


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