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-Hyun Jae


I’m okay…

At least. That’s what I convinced you all to think. 

It hurts. A lot. I feel so left out when its the bunch of us together…its like I’m unwanted and my presence isn’t even needed here – even what I say or do doesn’t deserve a word of thanks or acknowledgement or even a “hi” or “bye” anymore.. 

Just admit it. You look down on me and you have no interest in getting to know my life outside of school better. The bunch of you. I can’t express how I feel so upset inside being left out of what you guys want to do and without me…the things you share among yourselves but don’t want me to know…the messages you pass in class side by side because you don’t want me to know you’re talking about me…

I sure as hell can tell. And it hurts. 
Heck. You even insulted my boyfriend indirectly now that you yourself have one and you “don’t see the need to meet him cuz there’s no use of him in your life”. 

Really now. You can call me a friend even after saying that to my face?

I don’t know if you’re still mad from that incident. Other people told me you’re not the kind to hold grudges over small things like this…but why? Why do you not have any regard for what I say anymore? Is my being so insignificant to you that you can’t even remember to hand me my stuff, let alone talk to me when I try to call out to you…?

It hurts. Not being able to express how I feel. Just staying silent and wishing time changes and heals wounds by itself. I don’t know how to solve this conflict…I really don’t…I don’t even know where to begin, or whether it is just me being extremely negative over the fact I feel so empty inside that you have neglected me and all I try to do for you…
-Hyun Jae


If I want to be in a relationship with you, it means I want to spend my future with you and get married and have support each other’s burdens throughout life. A relationship is a commitment. I wouldn’t date you without marriage in mind; I wouldn’t date someone just because he looks handsome or because he’s rich – I’d date him because I love him for who he truly is and I want to spend my life looking after him. 

A relationship. As cliche as it sounds, its a commitment – people don’t date for the plain sake of being able to show off that he or she has a partner. 

You date someone because you love everything about them that there’s no specific thing that you love like “he’s got a great voice” or “she’s got a beautiful figure”. 

You love someone because of their personality and all their flaws that makes them, them . And that is something that no one else can replace ; the sacrifices they make for you, the plans they share with you about a future together and the time they take to spend with you because they want to make you feel loved, appreciated and happy – that’s when you know they truly do love you for who you are and not just for the sake of popularity. 

I want to do my best for the both of us. So that we’ll be happy together. 

-Hyun Jae

There is no such thing as perfect relationships, only a strong one…

To think someone actually loves me this much and makes me feel so appreciated and loved…even after every single quarrel we have, you love me unconditionally…

Your warmth calms me down so much in ways you’d never understand…especially when I’ve been having a bad day…Or the time when I threw a fuss after being in a bad mood and just made you lose your patience to talk to me…

No relationship is ever smooth sailing or prefect, really .

But every time we forgive each other it just makes me learn to appreciate what you do for me even more and to try to become a less self-centered person with only my own interests at hand. These are also reminders to me that I should never take you for granted, nor take what you do for me for granted either.

I only want the best for us. There’s no ‘I’ or ‘you’ in this relationship, only ‘us’ and ‘we’.

I love the days we spend hugging one another especially on cold, rainy days – those are the times where just lying down in bed and huddling are the best moments I can close my eyes and fall asleep in your arms. 

I appreciate the days you used to write me little notes and cards that were meant to cheer me up everytime you couldn’t be around when I was crying – I’d take them out to read, one by one, and smile a little because I know deep down you do care for me and you don’t want me to be unhappy…

I am thankful for the times that you lent me your shoulder to lean on and cry – only you have seen me at my weakest, most vulnerable points in life ; things that I would never be comfortable letting anyone else see…and for the times you comforted me and wiped my tears away. 

We both have our own flaws. We don’t always get along. We quarrel, we cry, but we make up in the end, but we love each other even more. 

I want to try my best to be a loving and caring girlfriend that’ll always be here to support you. Regardless of what other people may say. 

Other couples as they say may experience this ‘honeymoon period’ where they get all snuggly and clingy and overly attached to their other halves and then once it’s over that’s it . The couple does not really put as much effort into the relationship anymore as they don’t feel as attached to one another as they initially used to…text messages get shorter and shorter with fewer emojis and lesser “sweet” and “sugarcoated” words…

But yet, even after almost 11 months , here I am becoming even more clingy than I ever used to be (in fact initially I was totally neutral and not really one to hug, I even did not really like the idea of holding hands in public). And now I’m like running about giving you glomps (flying hugs and tight hugs) from behind or in front and I just adore ruffling your hair and pulling your cheeks – I never get tired of waking up from afternoon naps with you and seeing the same old face with bedhair and droopy eyes…in fact, till today I still find it cute. 🙂 

I’m not a confident nor extroverted person. But you taught me how to stop lowering my self-esteem and appreciate myself more.

This. My family always commented how I had horrible fashion sense and how I really just didn’t look pretty and all so I felt really bad about my outlook. 

But you didn’t just sit there and tell me to suck it up and improve myself on my own. 

You brought me to the gym to get abs and cheered me on as I did sit ups with weights…brought me shopping for clothes (when it is usually the girl dragging the guy into the department store, you were the one who dragged me in and chose all the clothes for me). Even the shopladies thought we were gonna get married soon because they said you were such a loving boyfriend that was rare to come by and she told me to treasure you.

That I totally agree. 

I can’t count how many times you’ve also saved my ass when I was not feeling well or fatigued.

(Twice or thrice?) You had to piggyback me home because I was not feeling well, had a weak ankle and when I was about to faint. I can’t thank you enough for carrying this heavy burden (literally, 55kg) on your shoulders all the way down 6 floors of stairs and from the train station until I reached home. No amount of thanks can express my heartfelt gratitude of how much effort you have put into taking care of me and doing all you can for me. I remember only princess carrying you a few times because you didn’t like the idea of me doing so (even though we are the same height and weight, sort of), I can’t imagine how much strength you needed to carry me for such long periods of time especially when I was sick and vulnerable…thanks for doing something no other guy has done for me.

No matter how many times we bicker, no matter how many harsh words I say at times when I get a little angry at you…I don’t mean it…deep down I still love you nevertheless…

I hate quarreling because it does not do both parties any good of winning either side of the argument. At times I’m really insensitive to your feelings, and I don’t really pay attention to some things that I do or say that offend you…for those things I did in the past, I’m sorry for hurting you…but even so you still let me into your arms again, especially when I’m the kind who cries after an argument because I felt bad for arguing and being so mean to you. Thank you for accepting this flawed part of me, even though it gets on your nerves sometimes. 

Thanks for these 311 days of ups and downs dear, I treasure every single moment we have together. 

Regardless of what I say, or what I do, I will always love you.
-Hyun Jae

A warm afternoon…

The weather’s been really hot lately, and having a test on a day like this was really exhausting…

After school, I popped by his house after getting a new helix stud to replace my tight one, and we decided to turn on the air conditioner as the weather was really sweltering.

Plugging in his new altone earpieces into my ears, I lay on the ground, my head on his lap, as he played classicals by Beethoven and Chopin. 

Oh my god. The quality. AMAZING.

Soon after I think I fell asleep cuz I felt as though I was actually listening to someone play the piano beside me, as my boyfriend patted and stroked my forehead gently…

I have to admit. Days like this are great. 

Warm feelings 

Tucked under the blanket and curled into a ball,

its that time of the month again when the womb is no longer as small.

Cramps in my belly,

Oh god the air feels nasty.

I’m taking a nap in this comfy bed and wishing the cramps would just go away. As I rest my head on the pillow, he hugs me from behind and makes sure I feel comfortable. 

And then after awhile I wake up.

He wraps his arms around my shoulders and rests gently against my back, 

and strokes my tummy as we watch a comedy on YouTube.

Sometimes, isn’t it great when you have someone around to accompany you on that dreaded time of the month…

-Hyun Jae 

When you’re gone…

Sometimes before sleeping,

I just lie in bed and clear my mind,

free of worries and troubles.

I stare blankly into the sky, 
imagining what the future would be like.

I imagine us cuddling on a cold, rainy night, 

I imagine us walking hand-in-hand down the neon-lit streets of the City, 

and I imagine us embracing each other’s pain and flaws.

I look up at the grand tapestry of black before me,

the vast expanse of darkness illuminated by the sea of a million stars

and I wish you were right beside me

and set me free

from my insecurity

when you’re not with me.

 -Hyun Jae 
All artwork taken from Google Images

You can be King again : Lauren Aquilina

You’ve got it all, you lost your mind in the sound. There’s so much more, you can reclaim your crown. You’re in control, rid all the monsters inside your head…put all your faults to bed…you can be king again.

Believe in yourself. No matter what the difficulties are that you face in life, never give up in the face of adversity.

You’re the master. You’re in control.
(P.S. Sorry for not posting in months)
Deviantart belongs to @lazziecat

-Hyun Jae