Fear and insecurities 

I’ve always been conscious of my own looks at times…

Feeling I’ve never been pretty or attractive enough,

that I need to hide my face in public and not be seen,

feeling like a disgraceful eyesore that people ain’t keen,

to befriend because I’m weird, different and not like any normal teen.

I wish I had a mask to cover my face, 

so I couldn’t let anyone see

how hideous I’d be.

I’ve no confidence nor self-esteem,

an anti-social introvert with no initiative…

What can I say? 

I’m just plain old me, 

and even if I want to change, 

I’ll just be as ugly. 


When you’re gone…

Sometimes before sleeping,

I just lie in bed and clear my mind,

free of worries and troubles.

I stare blankly into the sky, 
imagining what the future would be like.

I imagine us cuddling on a cold, rainy night, 

I imagine us walking hand-in-hand down the neon-lit streets of the City, 

and I imagine us embracing each other’s pain and flaws.

I look up at the grand tapestry of black before me,

the vast expanse of darkness illuminated by the sea of a million stars

and I wish you were right beside me

and set me free

from my insecurity

when you’re not with me.

 -Hyun Jae 
All artwork taken from Google Images

Story of the day – The flower bud

A small flower bud once said to the flower who bloomed, “When will I ever bloom like you? I’m an ugly bud that serves no purpose – my master does not like me as much as he likes you.”

And the flower replied, “My child, you will bloom someday, when the time is right.”

The next day, the bud still had yet to bloom. Disappointed, the bud asked once more, “Flower, when will I bloom like you?” 

The flower gave the same reply, “My child, you will bloom someday, when the time is right.”

The disappointed flower bud remained shut.

A week later, the flower that had bloomed was starting to wilt. Its petals were crumbling off, one by one, and it had lost its beauty. The flower bud witnessed this, and looked at itself – it was beginning to swell, but still, it did not bloom.

Two days later, the flower had wilt and fallen from the tree. However, the flower bud, who had patiently waited for so long, was now in full blossom, its petals gleaming yellowish-gold under the sunlight. 

Patience is a virtue.

We all have our own talents, and it is just a matter of time to nurture it and let our radiance shine one day just like the flower. 

So be patient, for one day you will succeed and let your radiance shine. 

Eyes – The reflection of Your soul

They say that the eyes are the windows, to your inner soul ; your thoughts, feelings, and emotions…

The key that unlocks the doorway to your heart.

But not everyone’s door is so easy to push open…Not everyone’s door has a single padlock.

Sometimes opening up to people can be hard, especially when you don’t know them very well, and when you’re trying to make new friends.

Sometimes you feel that they cannot understand your plight and situation no matter how much they try to empathise – they will just never be able to share your sentiments, thoughts, or feelings.

Be it saddness, bitterness or hate ; emptiness, sorrow or woe…

Be it family problems, emotional turmoil, or grief that drives you to the point of exhaustion…be it heartaches and headaches that are driving you insane…you’ll never let anyone understand that pain.

Because you’d rather keep it all to yourself, bottle it up inside, than let it gush out freely and spare yourself from suicide.

It takes ever so long, once in a lifetime, (or maybe not at all) to ever find that one person that can actually understand you and help you go through it all.

But when you’ve finally found that person, only he (or she) is truly the key that fits the padlock of your heart.

Unlocking your inner emotions, and seeing the true reflection behind those esurient eyes that glitter in the sunlight.

-Hyun Jae

Artwork taken from Pinterest