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Haiku of the day – Falling Autumn Leaves

Crisp falling leaves

sailing in the southern wind

across the meadow…



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Poem of the day : Lonely, sad memories

In pain, anger, sorrow…or woe,

there’s always someone, you know?

Your shoulder to cry on,

your pillar of support…

where you get your courage, confidence,

eradication of fears and what not.

But what if loneliness

really does exist…?

Once you’ve fallen into the pit,

you can’t get out

no matter how hard you dig.

Even if someone pretends

to stretch a hand

to save you—

or lead you to your end,

you can’t get out,

and you’re trapped inside.

Your emotions caged up,

your heart turned to stone,

your soul asleep,

your presence unknown,

your existence, ceased,

in this world……gone.



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Darker Evil Series Book 1 Chapter 18 : Xenza Seis’s story and Celestine’s plan

It dates back to 17 years ago, before Celestine was born.
Faced with a crisis, Xenza Seis, the mother of Celestine, feared that if one day Daemon murdered her, he would have access to the amethyst garden and gain eternal life.
She could not allow that to happen.
Xenza Seis’s blood was the key to the Amethyst Forest. Rumour has it that anyone who eats of the Amethyst minerals will have an extended lifespan of 200 years.
Also, because the amethyst is solid, Xenza’s blood is needed to melt the amethyst in order for it to become liquefied.
‘The perfect formula Daemon needs to expand his lifespan, in order to ensure his plans to ruin earth are accomplished. I’ve only remained this youthful after 500 years because I was cursed for violating light magic…It has been too long that I no longer want to exist. But I can’t let him have his way…the only way is for me to find someone to replace me, a new guardian…a daughter. But then again, who’s gonna marry a half a millenium year old lady?’ Thought Xenza.
“Lilabell!” Xenza called out.
“Yes milady?” Lilabell, Xenza’s maid replied as she rushed to Xenza.
“Look after the garden while I am away. I’ll be going to the mortal world for a while.”
“Understood, milady.” Lilabell bowed.
Disguised as a teenager, Xenza went to the mortal world, and descended into the heart of Japan, Tokyo.
As she was walking along one of the usual deserted alleys she would take to enter her mortal world apartment, someone grabbed her hand.
“Hey, you…”
Xenza turned around and glared at him.
“What do you want?”
He scratched his head and apologized for scaring her.
“Xenza…you know me, I’m Guillemard.”
[Note : *Guillemard is Xenza’s childhood friend.* ]
“G-Guillemard?! You’re alive too?” Xenza’s eyes widened in shock. “How is that possible? Weren’t you captured by Daemon during the war?”
“That is a fact…” He said, “but, I escaped Daemon’s clutches…I got out of the Castle of Hellflames (currently referred to as the Darker Evil Clan) and I’ve noticed…Daemon is forming an army from mere children…”
“1000 BABIES. Orphaned by the war. He captured all of them. Not to raise them, but to experiment on them. It took him years to find suitable users to his Dark Magic which he created. There were many, many infant casualties. In fact, only 0.1% of them survived.”
“0.1%?! Only 10 out of 1000?!”
“Yes, but even 10 is enough to destroy the world. These kids he made have lethal abilities and I’m not even kidding, he’s brainwashed them, erased their memories, so they see him as their father.”
“Meanwhile, the white magicians have stepped up their game and procreated. A new generation must rise, inheriting genes from this generation directly. Only then can we win this war. Which is why all of us have to go into hiding once the next generation lives, lest Daemon seek to murder us all.”
Xenza was incredibly stunned by his words.
“Can we go somewhere to talk?” Xenza asked.
“Um yea. Sure.” Guillemard replied.
Xenza brough Guillemard to her apartment and they sat on the bed.
Xenza drew the curtains and switched on the air-conditioning, so no one would see or hear them.
“I’m really worried about this. I have already went into old age, and so have you, but I…Can’t continue providing you with amethyst forever.”
“I understand…besides, I don’t want to live on much longer either. I’m sure you don’t want to either.”
“Then, can you curse me that once I go into labour, I will die, and all my abilities are passed on to my child?”
“Xenza, I can’t—”
“But…your child might die from the overwhelming power right at birth…”
Tears rolled in Xenza’s eyes. “I can’t help it! I have to do this for the sake of everyone! My child must become the succesor and Guardian of the Amethyst forest!”
Guillemard grabbed her hands. “Xenza, calm down. Look into my eyes.”
Xenza panted heavily and stopped crying.
“I can do it for you, but…your child may not live…and your efforts may be in vain…besides, passing on Frezkch Luminance will definetely be too much for your child to handle. But if that truly is your wish, I shall let it be granted.”
“Guille…” Xenza paused. “There’s another thing I need you to know.”
“Can I bear your child?”
“WHAT?” Guillemard exclaimed in shock. “XENZA YOU MUST BE OUTTA YER MIND—”
Xenza cut him off by hugging him.
“No, Guille. I’m serious. You’re the only one I can trust now. And, you’re coincidentally single, like me.”
Guillemard rolled his eyes. “Well, I had a lot of trouble in the years I lived that I didn’t have time to find a lover.”
Guillemard hugged her back.
“But do you really want to orphan your child this way? I know our generation has to go into hiding, but that doesn’t involve dying.”
“Don’t be foolish Guille! Haven’t you received news of how Daemon is tracking them out one by one and killing them? We have to pass on our magic to a new generation before it’s too late!”
“Screw this. It can’t be helped then.”
Guillemard cast the curse on her.
“The child that shall come out of this womb, shall be blessed with the blood of Xenza, the power of Xenza, and cease Xenza’s existence at the time of birth. May the child live.”
With that, Guillemard pushed Xenza back onto the bed, and kissed her.
“It’s not exactly true, but perhaps in my life, I have loved you at some point in time.” Guillemard whispered as he caressed his hand over her body.
“Well, it’s written all over your face.”
Overnight, Guillemard had slept with Xenza.
The next morning, Xenza awoke to screams coming from downstairs.
She realized her curtains had been torn open, and she ran to the window.
She herself shrieked in mute horror as she saw her friend’s lifeless, ripped body in a pool of blood.
She fell backwards, and read the words written on the wall in blood.
“Those who escape, shall not live.”
She immediately returned to the amethyst forest, trying to cast her emotions aside, knowing that she too, was going to be murdered if she was found.
But the only reason she escaped was because overnight her body had become into an astral projection, which was undetected by the Dark Magician sent to kill the Arcane Magicians and those who escaped the Castle of Hellflames. She realized Guillemard had saved her,and broke down into tears.
9 months later, Celestine was born with Frezch Luminance, which defeated Daemon in one blow, leaving Daemon will just enough energy to escape.
Xenza perished and Celestine lived.
By the time Celestine finished telling her story, they had arrived at the training hall of their home campus.

“Frezch Luminance…If I can trigger that once more, I can significantly weaken Daemon and you guys can defeat him.” Celestine told them.
“But Celestine…” Rima said, “isn’t there a maximum number of times you can use that? Your body can’t handle it!”
“Nah. I’ll have to get stronger. I’ll get you guys to beat it out of me.” Celestine replied and patted Rima on the head.
“Don’t worry, Rima. We all know Celestine is strong-willed. She’ll get through this. I have faith in her.” Hyusune patted Rima on the shoulder.
“Mhm!” Rima nodded in agreement.
“Now then…lets begin! Operation Z : release of Celestine’s Frezch Luminance!”
“LET’S DO THIS!” Everyone exclaimed, bursting with gusto as they sprang forth upon Celestine.


Darker Evil Series : Hyusune Art 


And now, presenting to you my very first tablet drawing of Hyusune!

From a scene that foreshadows her fight against Daemon after finding out the truth as to what happened to her biological mother the day Persona returned home with another woman.

What will happen?

Await more action when I kick start the next chapter!



Darker Evil Series Book 1 : Book Cover draft

Hey guys 😀 I hope you all have been following the Darker Evil series and that you’ve enjoyed the story and all so far!
Well, this evening my partner gave me a lot of tips and kinda motivated me to draw, so I drew up the book cover that I’m considering of using for the Darker Evil Series Book 1 🙂 And once my partner hands me a drawing tablet, I’ll soon be able to digitalize all of the art, probably gonna redo them and make them look nicer once my finals are over~
Here’s the cover I’ve done, it’s in black and white.
Do share with me your thoughts about it in the comment section below! 🙂
A big thanks to everyone who has supported the series so far and I look forward to your continued support as I continue to release subsequent chapters of the DES 🙂

Hyun Jae



Darker Evil Series Book 1 Chapter 17 : A visit to the Darker Evil clan

Chapter 17 : A visit to the Darker Evil Clan

“I’m back, guys…” Tsuki said as he successfully teleported back to the hall of the Darker Evil Clan, led by Daemon, the black wizard.
“Welcome back, Tsuki.” Luna Hitomi, the Priestress of Darkness of the Darker Evil Clan welcomed him back.
“Welcome back.” said Yuki Gana and her boyfriend Himura Ayase Nagasaki, the murderer of Hatsune.
“Welcome back, young master.” Selena Hepburn, the yandere flower maiden from hell, smiled creepily back at Tsuki.
“Welcome back, brother.” Sith, the crazy musician of the Darker Evil clan, waved as he greeted Tsuki.
Eleshya Raven, one of the most powerful wizards in the Darker Evil clan, stepped out of the darkness and into the hallway.
“That took you long enough…So how did the mission go? Did you manage to get her blood?”
Tsuki kept silent and shook his head.
“I failed the mission. I’m very sorry.”
“TSUKI!!! WHY DID YOU FAIL AGAIN!” Eleshya raged.
Pouting, Tsuki replied, ” I-I was outnumbered…” He said meekly, as he thought, it’s not like I wanted it to happen anyway.
“You are a freaking disgrace to us. You couldn’t even take on Celestine yourself? Call yourself his* son!”
(note : Daemon’s son)
Blushing heavily, Tsuki’s voice faltered as he spoke, “B-but…not when Persona’s daughter is there…”

Tch, you don’t have even understand me, Eleshya, Tsuki thought.
Just then, Selena’s vines stretched over and blinded Tsuki’s hands.
“What the hell are you doing, Selena?!” Tsuki yelled.
Angered, Eleshya sliced off one of Selena’s vines. Selena screamed in pain.
“Knock it off, you two!” Eleshya stared daggers at them. “I will not tolerate any nonsense here.”
Selena hung her head in shame.
“I’m sorry, mistress. It’s just that…the thought that she’s Persona’s daughter, who betrayed us, and killed my sister…”
“I understand your pain……” Eleshya said as she gave Selena a pat on the head, and instantly her vine regenerated.
“As for you, Tsuki…”
“What now?!” Tsuki rolled his eyes in distaste.
“You do know what I’ll do to you and her, don’t you?”
“Yes, yes, ojousama* (milady).”
I’ll just have to play along with your game, Tsuki thought.
“Besides, I have scores to settle with her…”
“Now that’s the attitude I was looking for.” Eleshya grinned.
A long chain of thoughts went through Tsuki’s head.
Belmine Tennouji, your mother, sacrificed herself so you would be alive.

Years ago when she left you and never returned, she was forced to replace one of our members who had died. Persona had to do so, in order to save his precious daughter from dying at the hands of the Darker Evil clan.
She knew Hyusune was the destined one to kill him, because she was the strongest Ryakken being with the most direct bloodline to Daemon, so you protected her with your life.
Your sacrifice, I must admit, has been very noble.
And now your very being will destroy your own kin…
For now, I have more important things to settle.
But trust me when I say that I’ll enjoy your pathetic face when the time comes…
“Guys!” Lumia called, “Bunny is back!”
Ah yes. Another one has returned.
“Guys, I’m back! And look what I got!” Bunny, the Lolita of the clan, was carrying her plushie (which was actually her weapon) in her arms and she waved a tube containing viscous liquid in her other hand.
“I drained the magic out of one of the LoE students~” Bunny exclaimed happily. “I’m so proud of myself~!” She shrieked in delight. “Kyaa~”
“You’ve done us proud, Bunny.” Eleshya smiled, “unlike someone else here.” She turned her head and glared at Tsuki, who gave her a face of disgust.
“Well, it’s time to refine this magic, and then implant it into a suitable user, or simply use it to make ourselves stronger.” Bunny brought the tube to her lab to add it to the concoction which Yuki Gana had brewed for Bunny to make a new mixture.

Back at the central campus, just before they prepared to leave, Jellal and the others, including Fran and Shiroyan were having a conference meeting on the top floor of the mansion on the rooftop.
And it was pretty rare to see Jellal wearing his glasses, which meant he was dead serious about the matter.
“Just in the past 3 days, there have been 5 reports of students in the LoE of different branches losing their magic…and it’s not just on this campus, but every campus excluding ours has had an incident. Hence, our principal, Mr Miname, has advised us to exercise precaution and to prepare for a war.”
“W-war? What?!” Some of them exclaimed.
“Which is why the three of our teams have been called in for a joint mission to protect the other students from falling prey to these magic thieves. But I wouldn’t call them thieves — more like the Darker Evil clan.”
“Hey guys…let’s be realistic. We don’t really stand a chance against them.”
“No, we do.” Celestine stood up and exclaimed. “I have a way.”

*Please note the comic has been attached to this post 😀 ~Hyun Jae *