Fairy Tail fanfiction : Mavis and Zeref Part 3 (Zervis)

-Note : please read the latest Fairy Tail Manga chapter 436 before reading this-

It was another day on Tenrou island and Mavis had just awoken from her sleep. She sensed a presence approaching her.

Zeref appeared before her and sat down. It was a calm and quiet morning. They decided to rest against the Tenrou tree. 

“Natsu and the others are so concerned over END…They’ve destroyed Tartarus a few years back, and recently I’ve recieved word that they have stopped operation purification. ” Mavis said as she lay on Zeref’s shoulder.

“END is one of the books I created to destroy myself…living for 400 years has been really meaningless and painful…especially when I’ve done so much hurt to so many innocent people. I’ve been cursed, and I need someone to end my immortality.” Zeref said, his tone slightly stern.

Mavis got up. “One of the books of Zeref?”

“Yes,” he replied. “It is the strongest among those whom I have created. But it will be the most painful death I can recieve…” A tear streaked down his eye. 

Mavis put her warm hands over his cheeks and wiped his tears away. “Why is that so?” She asked gently.

“Because… My brother whom I loved so…much…which I painstakingly tried to revive through thousands of means and ways and finally did so…will be the one to end my life, the same life I had given him…” Zeref said between muffled sobs. He clenched his fists and teared up.

Mavis was shocked and flabbergasted. At a loss for words, she stared blankly at Zeref.

“By END…you mean…Ethernias…Natsu…Dragneel…?”Mavis’s voice faltered as she spoke.

“That’s right…” Zeref whispered softly as he choked. “Ethernias Natsu Dragneel. My brother.”


Fairy Tail Fanfiction : Mavis x Zeref (Zervis)

On the island of Tenroujima, there lived the great black wizard Zeref. Tears streamed down his pallid cheeks as he sat at the grave of Fairy Tail’s first master, Mavis Vermellion.
“I caused your death, Mavis…I didn’t want to…it’s just that this world rejects me…” He sobbed incessantly as he touched the grave.
Images of the accident flashed before him.
30 years ago, Mavis and him were good friends despite the fact that she knew he was the black wizard Zeref. She knew that somewhere deep down inside of him, he was still a nice guy. One day while they were walking together, one of Zeref’s seizures came.
“It’s here…” He used his hands to cover his eyes. “Mavis! RUN!”
“What’s wrong, Zeref?”
“I’m not going without you!” Mavis said anxiously. Zeref just wasn’t acting right.
“RUN AWAY FROM ME!!!!!” Zeref yelled loudly and his scream reverberated through the air.
“NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” Mavis cried out, before she died in the face of Zeref.
“MAVIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Zeref yelled.
Eventually, the Fairy Tail guild members had built a grave for her at the heart of the Tenrou tree.
Sitting beside her grave, the guilt within him seemed to haunt him, and he felt miserable. “It was all my fault…” He said under his breath, as hot tears flowed down his cheeks. Everywhere he went, animals would die, and plants would wilt. Mavis was his light, but she was gone. “Mavis…where are you?” He sobbed.
A bright light shone from her grave. “Zeref…” A voice said. “I am here…”
Zeref looked up at the bright light.
“Mavis…? Is that you?” Zeref asked.
“Yes…Do not be afraid…I am with you.” She said in a gentle voice.
“Mavis…I killed you. I’m unforgivable…” Zeref crashed onto his knees.
“That is not the case…I didn’t die because you killed me…I died because I tried to save you.” Mavis replied.
“Anywhere and everywhere I go, living beings die and plants wilt before me. Nothing in this world accepts my presence…” Zeref sobbed.
“Zeref…even if the whole world rejects you, I will accept you. I’m not gone, I’m here, by your side, in your heart. Your darkness is needed just as much as darkness needs light.” Mavis’s soul appeared before Zeref. She stretched out her arms and embraced him.
“Mavis… …” Tears rolled down his cheeks.
“Don’t cry…No matter how far fate may do us apart, I’m always here, in your heart.”

Fairy Tail fanfiction—After Grand Magic Games Sting and Rogue

Sting and Rogue
The match between Fairy Tail and Sabertooth had just ended. Sting and Rogue suffered a humiliating defeat. Neither Master Gemma nor Minnerva would forgive them, let alone themselves. While sitting in the infirmary room to recover, Rogue sat down in a corner alone while Sting was bursting with rage. “HOW COULD WE LOSE TO NATSU? EVEN THE TWO OF US THIRD GENERATION DRAGON SLAYERS COULDN’T WIN THAT MORIBUND FIRST GENERATION! DAMMIT!” Sting slammed his fists hard against the wall and it dented. Rogue didn’t speak a word, fearing that it would only worsen Sting’s mood.
Unaware of this, Sting strode towards Rogue and grabbed him by the collar. “You idiot! Why aren’t you saying a thing? Why are you always keeping quiet?! Aren’t you upset that we’re taken as imbecilic fools?” Sting raised a fist at Rogue, as though he were about to hit him, when Rogue grabbed Sting’s hand.
“You fool. We didn’t deserve to win that match. We were complacent, arrogant, ignorant—you know it. That day when you saw Natsu fight master Gemma you already knew…there was no way we could surpass his abilities!” Tears rolled down from Rogue’s eyes. “Just as you feel upset and bad enough about yourself, I feel the same! But what’s the point of harbouring on the thought of it when it’s already over?” Sting’s eyes widened upon hearing these words. “Rogue…” He said, in an almost inaudible whisper.
“Sting, it doesn’t matter if we don’t win. Most importantly, the bond between us doesn’t break. In fact, it is only through these times which friendship bonds grow stronger and stronger. That’s what Natsu meant.”
Sting nodded his head. He understood what Rogue meant. “I understand now. All I need, is you, my friend, to stay by my side. That alone, will suffice…” Sting bent forward and kissed Rogue gently.
“Thank you, Rogue…thank you…” Sting smiled wanly, years flowing out the corner of his eyes.

Fairy Tail Fanfiction—Gajeel and Levy (GaLe)

Levy was in the library when her phone rang.
“Shhh!” The librarian asked her to answer her call outside. She rushed out and answered her phone. It was a call from Gajeel.
“Hey shortie! What took you so long to answer my messages?” Levy put the phone away from her ear as he hollered into the phone.
“Were you trying to make me deaf? Anyway I was in the library so I didn’t check my handphone. Sorry. What did you look me up for?” Levy replied.
“Well…lets go to the beach tomorrow.”
“Can you come tomorrow?”
“Ok.” With that Gajeel hung up and left Levy chock full of question marks in her head.
When Levy woke up the next morning, she took a shower and went to the beach wearing a dress over her bikini. At the beach, she met Lucy, Erza, Natsu and Jellal apart from Gajeel.
“Levy-chan!” Lucy exclaimed,”you’re here!”
“Why are there so many of you here?” Levy asked.
“Cuz we’re having a celebration today for Valentine’s day!” Lucy said.
“Competition style~!” Erza jumped onto a rock.
“COUPLE VERSUS COUPLE—Beach volleyball!”
Levy was astonished, but at the same time, she might get to be with Gajeel, the guy she was fond of.
First was she and Gajeel versus Jellal and Erza. Levy took off her dress and walked into the play area.
“Let the match begin!” Lucy blew the whistle.
Gajeel started the ball and Erza hit it back hard. “Erza smash~!” She punched the ball and it flew back.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Natsu yelled. Levy jumped to hit the ball back, but alas she fell unto Gajeel and the ball went out, giving one point to Team Jerza.
“Owwie…” Levy said as she got up. She then realised she had fallen onto Gajeel’s lap and was sitting in a super awkward manner that even Gajeel himself began to blush. Levy was too shocked to budge. Natsu and Lucy was staring at the romance blossom while they walked over and pulled them to their feet. “Ok, it’s our turn now!” Lucy jumped into action. Cracking his knuckles, Natsu said his famous catchphrase. “Now I’m all fired up!”
“Fire dragon, Wing slash ball~!” Natsu said as he hit the ball over. Jellal used his flame magic to send te ball flying back. “Lucy, now!”
“Okay!” Lucy took out her celestial keys. “Open, gate of the maiden, Virgo!”
“Princess, is it time for punishment?” asked Virgo.
“That’s not it! Make two holes under Jellal and Erza now!”
“I understand, princess.”
Virgo made a big hole in the ground and Jellal and Erza fell into it. “Kyaa!” Erza said as she fell into the hole and Jellal caught her in his arms, princess-carrying style. “Thank you, Jellal.” She said. “No problem. But we have a problem, how are we going to get out of this hole?!”
Natsu and Lucy hopped over. “Until you admit defeat and I’ll get Virgo to pull you two out~the reward of a for 2 hotel stay will be ours~! Huehue…”
“Princess, my time is up. I have to go.” With that, Virgo went back to the spirit world.
“EHH! Virgo don’t vanish on me like that! Ooh no! How are we gonna save Jellal and Erza? ” However, Natsu and Lucy went to near that they fell into the hole as well.
Gajeel and Levy ran over to help them. “Are you guys okay?” Levy asked. “Not at all! How are we gonna get out of here?”
Erza suggested that she cast put her swords and make a spiral staircase of swords pierced into the sides of the sand so that they could climb up and get out. But they lacked one thing—a rope.
“Gajeel! Levy! Could you get us a rope or something long enough to get us out of here?” Jellal asked.
“Okay! We will be back soon!”
Gajeel and Levy knew that a rope was definitely too short for that, so they ran into the forest nearby to find some vines and tie them together.
On the way, Levy tripped over a branch and sprained her ankle.
Gajeel noticed and ran back to her.
“Levy! You okay?”
“Sorry…my ankle…hurts…”
Without saying anything else, Gajeel picked her up and piggybacked her. Her cheeks turned red like a lobster and she held on tightly to Gajeel. It felt so warm lying on his back. He was only wearing knee length pants. Although Gajeel was running fast, having Levy’s body pressed so closely on his body made him feel awkward. She was small and warm.
“Vines!” Levy pointed out and Gajeel noticed. He asked Levy to get off slowly so that he could get some vines for her to tie knots. Using his metal dragon slayer magic, he cut down multiple vines at one go in no time. He gave them to Levy who tied them into knots. It was hard pulling them and Gajeel had to help Levy pull the vines into knots.
After pulling many knots, they got tired and sat down for a while. A breathtaking scenery was before them. They were sitting under the largest tree in the forest, on the hill peak, overlooking the beach. It was almost evening and the sky was of a light pink hue tinted with a few golden streaks of sunlight. Gajeel sat down beside Levy.
“Erm Levy…” He started. Levy turned and looked at him.
“What is it, Gajeel?”
This was the first time he called her by her name. As she turned her head towards him, he went closer to her.
“I like…you.” His voice faltered a little.
Levy’s cheeks turned red. She felt the same. “Me too…” She smiled wanly. Gajeel thought he was being selfish, but upon hearing her say that, he hugged her in his arms.
“I wish we could stay like this…” Gajeel whispered into her ear, before he held her cheeks and kissed her. He paused and stop kissing her, letting her rest, before kissing her again. Gajeel and Levy had been holding back their emotions for each other for too long. They couldn’t let go.
At last, when they were finally out of breath, they stopped kissing, reluctantly, and stumbles to their feet. While carrying the vine back, they held hands. “Gajeel, I love you.” Levy said on the way back. She was glad she needn’t have to hold back her feelings anymore, knowing he felt the same way towards her.
When they got back, they put the vine down into the hole. Erza had just finished casting 100 swords to form a spiral staircase for them to climb out of. When Erza and the others got out, Natsu lamented,” Geez…what took you two so long?”
“It’s a se-cret.” Levy said sweetly, and Lucy raised her eyebrows. “Hoho~Relationship progression?”
Levy’s eyes widened. Lucy saw right through her and she blushed wildly. Lucy laughed.
But in her heart, Levy knew she wasn’t alone anymore. Gajeel was there, her pillar of strength, the one who protected her. As for Gajeel, his cold metal heart had turned warm, Levy had the magic to make it that way. That’s why he’d sworn he’d protect her no matter what the circumstances were, through thick and thin, he’d stay be her side.

Fairy Tail fanfiction : Natsu x Lucy (NaLu) part 2

NaLu fanfiction (2)
*This is a continuation of my previous Fanfiction. To see the previous part, visit yukafanfict.wordpress.com*
The next day, Natsu met Lucy in the guild hall.
“Oh, Lu-chan! You’re here!” He called out to her.
“Lu-chan? Hoho~I thought only Levy  called her that.” Cana said with a cheeky smile plastered across her face.
“Erm…I didn’t mean it that way…” Natsu blushed.
Lucy came and sat down beside him, equally embarrassed. Natsu then told the guild members that he had confessed to Lucy.
“REALLY?” Erza said in shock.
“Good job, Natsu!” Gray patted Natsu’s shoulder.
“Anyway, I heard of a job that the four of us can do. ” Erza commented. She handed them a request she took earlier that day, and handed it over to them. “It’s for 5,000,000J.”
“5,000,000J? That’s like 7 years worth of my rent!” Lucy shrieked.
“I’m all fired up!” Natsu punched his fist against his left palm.
“It says here that we have to destroy a rare gem hidden in the outskirts of the town of Galuna.” Erza pointed to the request.
“Galuna? Isn’t that the cursed island we went to about 2 years ago? (The arc which Gray fought Deliora)”
“Yes, it is…but it’s said to be a hidden town in the island of Galuna, and those who have tried to search for this gem have lost their lives and their efforts have been in vain.”
Lucy was a little hesitant.
Natsu saw her expression and wrapped his shoulder around her back.
“It’ll be okay! I’m with you!” Lucy smiled.
“Thanks for being here for me, Natsu!” She beamed.
“Anytime, Lu-chan!” Natsu said.
“Hohoho~getting all lovey dovey here? My my~” Levy raised her eyebrows.
“That’s not it!’ Natsu hollered at her and everyone had a good laugh.

Fairy Tail fanfiction : Natsu x Lucy (NaLu)

NaLu fanfiction

It was a Friday evening and Natsu and Lucy had just completed another job the day before. As Lucy opened the door of her house, she saw Natsu sitting down on the sofa reading her novel. When he noticed she had come back, he said,” Oh Lucy, welcome back.”
“NATSU! Why are you in my room again! And why are you reading my novel without my permission?! Levy was supposed to be the first perso to read my novel! Geez…” Lucy looked around and realized Happy wasn’t around. “By the way, Happy’s usually with you, so why isn’t he around today?” Lucy asked as she put her bag down. Natsu looked up at her and put the novel down.
“He’s on a date with Charla I think…” Natsu replied.
“Hoho~That cat…” Lucy made a face.
“Speaking of which, I didn’t come here alone for nothing today.” Natsu said.
“You wanna go on a job with me?” Lucy asked.
“No…we just came back from one yesterday, didn’t we?” He replied with a laugh.
“That’s true…So why did you come, then?” Lucy wondered.
“Lucy, I came for you.” Natsu started to blush.
Lucy’s heart skipped a beat. Upon hearing the words, ‘I came for you’, she was rendered speechless. He got up from the sofa.
“Lucy…we’ve being doing jobs together for so long…fighting Oracion Seis, Grimoire Heart…and taking an S-Class quest together…you’ve been my partner for so long…” Natsu began, “and I don’t want to keep things the way they are right now…”
Lucy completely misunderstood his last few words and started to cry. “You…want to change things? ” She asked.
“Yes…” Lucy cut him off.
“Idiot! Why are you saying something like this? I’ve been there with you! Through thick and thin…we never have up…I stayed by your side. I…I always never left you behind—”
Natsu grabbed her and kissed her deeply. The tears from her eyes streaked down slowly and her eyes widened in shock.
“That’s why…I want to be with your forever. I want you to be my girlfriend. I want to be there to protect you. I don’t want to leave you behind. I want us to be Fairy Tail’s best team, together, always.” Natsu said as he released his grip off her.
Tears streamed down Lucy’s eyes.
“Thank you…Natsu…”

Fairy Tail Fanfiction : Gray x Juvia (Gruvia)

Gray fanfiction
It was Juvia’s birthday. Everyone decided to throw a party in the guild for Juvia. Juvia was elated and looked forward to her birthday celebration.
On the night of her birthday celebration, everyone turned up, except for Gray Fullbuster. 
“Gray…that bastard! Why isn’t he here for Juvia’s birthday party?” Natsu groaned. “I was looking forward to a fight with him!”
Lucy shook her head. “Natsu, it’s not a time to be thinking about this! Juvia’s upset enough that Gray isn’t here.” Lucy commented.
Juvia sobbed. “But Juvia believes Gray-sama will appear…” Juvia said between muffled sobs.
The game of charades was over.
The candles were blown out.
The cake was cut.
Still no sign of Gray Fullbuster. 
Juvia was heartbroken. She ran to the rooftop of the Fairy Tail guild hall. “GRAY!!! I hate you!” She said, crying incessantly.
Lucy and the others chased after her. “Juvia!” They called after her.
But when Juvia reached the rooftop, a familiar figure stood before her—Gray. 
“Sorry, Juvia. I was up here…” He said.
“Gray-sama…” Juvia began, “why…are you here?” She wiped away her tears as she stopped crying.
“I was waiting for a certain someone…” He said, as he walked forward and held her hand. “Eh?” She was taken by surprise.
“Ice make, fireworks!” Thousands of fireworks made from Gray’s ice magic shot into the sky. Juvia’s eyes sparkled as she witnessed the beautiful sight before her.
“It’s so pretty…Thank you…” Juvia smiled, a tear streaking down her cheek.
Then Gray turned towards her.
“Juvia…I’ve never given you am answer to this…but…I really like you a lot…you mean a lot to me.” Juvia’s eyes widened as she heard these words. 
“Juvia, will you marry me?” He asked, holding an ice-make ring in his hand. 
“Gray-sama…yes…I will…!” Juvia was tearing in the eyes as she hugged Gray.
“Woohoo!” The other guild members cheered as they witnessed Gray and Juvia. “I’ll never leave you alone again. You are not a dull and lonely rain woman. You are mine.” Gray whispered.
Gray inched closer to Juvia, and holding her cheeks he kissed her.

Fairy Tail Fanfiction : Jellal x Erza (Specially requested by fans)

Jerza Fanfiction
It was the weekends and Erza was in Lucy’s home when see received an SMS from Jellal.
‘Erza, meet me at Magnolia South Gate park at 7pm. I want to bring you somewhere.’
At that time, Jellal had already been released from prison for good behavior, and therefore he was loving somewhere in the mountains in the outskirts of Magnolia near Poluchka, Edo-Grandine’s place. 
Ezra’s hands trembled. “Why does he want to meet me?” Erza said. “Erza, did you just say something?” Lucy asked as she looked up at Erza while playing with her celestial spirit, Plue.
“I’m going out tonight, Lucy…can you help me get ready…?” Erza asked, half blushing. Lucy grinned.
“Hohoho~A blind date?” Lucy raised her eyebrows.
“Erm yea…I guess.” Erza nodded.
“Okay! Leave it to me! Open, gate of the crab! Cancer!” Lucy summoned cancer and made a nice hairstyle for Erza. A small plait over her lustrous scarlet red hair, and to match with it, Lucy lent Erza one of her dresses which were slightly below the knees. By 6:30pm, Erza was ready and made her way to Magnolia South Gate park. She saw Jellal waiting under the tree and walked over. He quickly noticed her. 
“Good evening.” Erza said. 
“Erza, you’re here.” Jellal began, “come with me. ” He held her hand and brought her to a cafe to eat her favorite strawberry cheesecakes.
Erza ate them quickly as she was an absolute cake lover. Jellal kept staring at her. She looked up and put the fork down while cleaning her moth with a serviette. 
“Why do you keep looking at me?” Erza asked.
“Because, you look so cute when you eat.” He said forthrightly. Erza’s cheeks were flustered and her heart skipped a beat. He smiled at her.
After eating, he took her to his place in the mountains. He lived near the summit, overlooking a picturesque scenery of Magnolia. 
“So…this is your place?” Erza asked.
“Yup…” He said as he closed the door behind him when they entered the house. 
“Pretty clean for a boy’s home. Unlike Natsu and Happy’s place.” She said as she looked around. Jellal then led her to his back garden, which was facing the Magnolia ocean. There was a swing chair for 2 outside there, and the two went to sit on the swing chair.
Erza looked up at the sky.
“It’s so pretty!” She exclaimed. “The grand tapestry of black is illuminated by the stars of the sky…Like how darkness is overcome by the light.”
“Erza…” He said, ” It’s your words which gave me courage. They became my light that would lead me back onto the right path again. Just like the stars in the sky…” Erza directed her attention towards him.
“I’m sorry…I lied about everything before the grand magic games last year.” He sighed heavily.
“That’s a matter of the past. And you’ve lived on. You lived because of the sacrifices your friend made for you. You lived—to redeem yourself. To live till today, you are a man of courage.” Erza said with firmness in her voice.
“Thank you…Erza” He whispered, “I love you…” The moment was sealed with a kiss. From then on, Jellal never loved anyone but Erza. He remained faithful to her—she was not only his giver of hope, but also the same person who changed his life.
✩Mavis Vermellion✩

Fairy Tail Fanfiction—Mavis’s Adventure (4)

Mavis’s Adventure ~PART 4
Lumika released her grip of Ichiya. But then, Ichiya had already fainted with an almost inaudible “me-men…”
Lumika teleported herself back to the field and removed the forcefield. Apparently the forcefield had removed everyone’s sense of time temporarily, and no one noticed what had happened. The event continued. Lahar and Doranbolt were forced into announcing the first match the way Lumika set it.
“Now, for the battle part of the day, its 2 vs 2!” Lahar annouced. “The match up is as follows : from Fairy Tail, Juvia Lockser and Gray Fullbuster, versus Lumika and Chiharu of Death Maiden!” Gray and Juvia looked at each other. “It’s them…The one Mavis was talking about…the Dark Guild.” Gray said to Juvia. “I understand. I’ll make sure they don’t win this, and avenge Ichiya-sama.”
They stepped into the ring, and it was 2 vs 2. Chiharu was a young girl, roughly 10 years old, but she was almost as strong as a dragon slayer, even though she didn’t manipulate dragon slayer magic. “It’s you guys…how boring.” Chiharu was carrying a teddy bear in her arms, and her left eye was covered by an eyepatch. Lumika, who was in her twenties like Gray and the others, craned her neck and flopped her wavy hair. As she did so, her black eye colour turned into blue. Watching from the spectator stand, I understood what was going on : her magic changed with her eye, and as her eye changed colour, she would be able to use a different type of magic. That was extremely rare—and deadly.
“Let the match begin!” The conjurers announced.
“Juvia! Now!” Gray yelled as he stripped off his shirt in front of the crowd whom burst into cheers upon seeing Gray strip.
“Okay!” Juvia said. “Water vortex!” She sent a spinning tornado of water towards her opponents. Gray iced the rims. The vortex grew larger and larger and it hit Chiharu.
“Good job there, Gray!” Natsu cried out as he watched from the spectator stand.
“No, Natsu, she’s not defeated that easily. She’s much stronger than you think.” I said, watching the match closely. All of a sudden, the water repelled back at Juvia and electrocuted her. Juvia yelled in pain.
“JUVIA!” Gray yelled.
“Like I said, Lumika, this is boring.” Chiharu lamented, hugging her teddy bear.
Just then, I realized that there was something weird about the teddy bear. It wasn’t for show or cuddling. It was her weapon. The haunted bear—it would protect its owner at all costs and do huge damage to the person who attacked its owner.
Gray helped Juvia up. “You okay?” He asked.
“Yes. I know what we must do now.”
She gave him the look…the same look which they did the Water Nebula and Halo of Ice unison raid. Gray understood. I had given each member the essence of Fairy Law before the Daimatouenbu so they had the power to dispel all darkness.
“Water Nebula, Sea of angels!”said Juvia, using the advanced version of her water Nebula that she had mastered.
“Halo of Ice : Blizzard shower!” Gray and Juvia joint hands. The light above them gleamed so brightly it blinded the rest of the spectators.
“What’s this? A unison raid? Oh my!” A fake Ichiya said. This was a thoughtform created by Lumika before she went to the stadium.
The unison raid destroyed Chiharu’s bear and injured her quite badly. Chiharu let out a loud, blood-curdling scream as the pain surged through her veins. Lumika didn’t budge yet and she wasn’t injured, apart from the fact she changed her eye color. Gray and Juvia were rendered speechless. How powerful, exactly, was this monster?
“This can’t be…” I said. How could Lumika be so powerful? With a unison raid like that, no opponent should have been able to stand! I thought. Makarov, who was standing beside me, was absolutely worried. Chiharu was enraged. She ripped off the eyepatch which covered her eye. She had the same magic as Lumika—Eye-colour changing magic. “Now you’ll pay for killing my bear! Lumen Histoire! YAAAAA–!” My eyes widened. HOW DID THEY KNOW THE SECRET OF FAIRY TAIL, LUMEN HISTOIRE? That couldn’t be happening…if she cast Lumen Histoire on Gray and Juvia, they would die, not to mention be defeated! “STOP THIS!” I yelled. Too late…Gray and Juvia had been struck by the spell.

Fairy Tail Fanfiction—Mavis’s adventure (3)

The days flew by and the Grand Magic games drew near. Before long, the Grand Magic games had begun and the elimination round was quickly over. When the teams were gathered in the outskirts of Crocus in a place called Aeria stadium, where the games were held, the conjurer announced the guilds who were going to participate. Watching from the spectator stand, I sensed a dark aura, similar to the Black Wizard Zeref. Was Zeref going to interrupt the games, or would the dark aura be coming from the Dark Guild? And if it was coming from the Dark guild, that would be detrimental to the Grand Magic games.
“First master, do you notice anything?” Makarov asked me.
“Mhm.” I nodded my head. “Something evil is here.” 
The grand magic games commenced with the a grand ceremony. Thousands of magic fireworks were shot up into the sky, forming the words, “DAIMATOUENBU, X792” (X792 is the year, as you can remember, the year they came back from Tenroujima was X791.) The spectators, comprising of both ordinary villagers and wizards, were all cheering with enthusiasm as the ceremony began. Then, it was time to start the games proper. 
The invited conjurers for this year’s Grand Magic games was Doranbolt from the council, Lahar, as well as Ichiya Vandalay Hotobuki. He was almost in his 40s already. “Men~I smell a good perfume coming from Fairy Tail this year again!” He said over the loudspeakers. “From Fairy Tail, we have, Lucy Heartfilia! Natsu Dragneel! Gray Fullbuster! Juvia Lockser! And finally, my love…Erza Scarlet! Men~” 
From the stadium grounds, Erza was clenching her fists in anger. “Was that even necessary?” 
“Juvia is so happy! She is in the same team as Gray-sama~!” Juvia fangirling as usual. 
Then, the next teams that were annouced were Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus, Sabertooth, and all the familiar names that appeared on the previous year’s Grand Magic games.
Just as Ichiya was about to announce the final team, the microphone dropped onto the floor and a crashing sound reverberated throughout the stadium.
“What was that?” “My ears!” The crowd started chatting amongst themselves.
A faint sound was heard from Ichiya. “Me-men~” 
“The dark guild has appeared. ” I said, as I quickly flew over to where Ichiya was. Inside, there was a wizard holding Ichiya at knife-edge. 
“Now, now, don’t address us as a Dark guild. We are an official guild, UNDERSTAND?!” The wizard raised her voice.
I instantly recognized him as the daughter of Purehito (Master Hades). My eyes widened. Purehito’s daughter was the guildmaster of the Dark guild. From her insignia on her right arm, I instantly knew which guild he was from—Death Maiden, the strongest dark guild which surpassed Grimoire Heart. Her name was Lumika. 
I once heard that Lumika’s powers surpassed Purehito’s, and she even had the amount of power strong enough to summon a dragon similar to Acnologia. This spelled trouble for Fairy Tail. This was definitely not going to be good. I turned around just as I was about to fly down, someone called my name. “Mavis Vermellion-sama?” It was Lumika. Impossible! I thought. She doesn’t not share our guild insignia, so how can she see me? “You’re wondering why I can see you, yes?” She grinned. How did she read my mind so fast? I thought. “Because I share the blood of Purehito. You’ve never known that even if anyone share the blood of an ex-Fairy Tail member, you can still be seen by them?” She cackled evilly. “Lumika, stop this at once!” I demanded, raising my voice to such a crescendo that the other Fairy Tail guild members were alerted.
“Hey guys, do you sense what I sense?” Natsu asked.
“Mavis. She’s met with trouble.” Erza replied, transforming into Heaven’s Wheel armor.
“Let’s go!” Gray grabbed Juvia and created his ice wings, flying up to the top of the stadium where the PA broadcasting room was. 
Natsu and Lucy joint hands, and Natsu, using his fire wings he mastered, they flew up together.
“Mavis, you’re a thoughtform right?” Lumika stared at me.
“You’re right. You’ve certainly grown a lot stronger than when you used to hang out with the other kids in Fairy Tail…” 
“That’s all in the past, Mavis. I’ve surpassed them, I’ve killed them, I’ve won, and I even killed Purehito!” She smiled evilly and her eyes were not longer emitting the warmth and radiance she had when she was a child. She was definitely possessed by Zeref’s magic. I could feel it. 
Just then, Natsu and the others came up to the broadcasting room and smashed a window to break in. 
“Mavis, are you all right?” Lucy asked me.
“Yes, but that’s not the matter at hand now…” 
Lumika suddenly moved the knife nearer to Ichiya’s neck. “Attack me and he dies. Leave now, and let me handle the broadcasting!” Lumika said sternly.
“You wretch!” Natsu clenched his fists. 
“Natsu! Don’t be rash! Let her broadcast it…we shall settle matters later.” Erza said, reluctantly backing away.
“That’s better…” Lumika hissed. “Now, begone!” She cast a spell on them which was so strong it repelled them backwards and sent them flying out of the broadcast system room.
“LUMIKA! STOP THIS!” Anger was boiling within me. My magic allowed me to resume human form if I wished to, so I could use my powers against her. After all, I used to be the strongest among the 10 wizard saints. 
“What if I say, no?” She laughed. 
My fists trembled. I had no choice. I left the room and flew down to help Natsu and the others. Wendy used her healing magic to heal their minor bruises, and they got up quickly, especially Natsu. The crowd, however, had seemed to be oblivious to all of this as a force field had been cast around Natsu and the rest (like the Laxus versus Alexei match). 
“Dammit!” Natsu exclaimed. “I want to beat up that girl real good!” 
I paused momentarily, before saying, ” Everyone, be careful. This year’s Grand Magic games is not going to be smooth sailing.” A stern look came across my face. Lumika…I will get you for this.