When you’re gone…

Sometimes before sleeping,

I just lie in bed and clear my mind,

free of worries and troubles.

I stare blankly into the sky, 
imagining what the future would be like.

I imagine us cuddling on a cold, rainy night, 

I imagine us walking hand-in-hand down the neon-lit streets of the City, 

and I imagine us embracing each other’s pain and flaws.

I look up at the grand tapestry of black before me,

the vast expanse of darkness illuminated by the sea of a million stars

and I wish you were right beside me

and set me free

from my insecurity

when you’re not with me.

 -Hyun Jae 
All artwork taken from Google Images


Poem of the day – One day in Switzerland, Europe

Majestic castles

with ashlar walls,

arched arrow loops

with broad domes,

adorned with crosses

around the rim.

The broad wooden drawbridge

with a drawn up Portcullis.

Sunshine falls

on majestic stone walls,

castles are just one,

but not all,

of the things you’ll come across

all over picturesque Switzerland.


*Author’s note : This is an actual picture I took while I was in Switzerland last December, this castle is Chateau de Chillon, otherwise known as Chillon Castle, which is located in Geneva, Switzerland. *


Short stories 003 : Light, love and Friendship


“Love is like a lamp, while friendship is like a shadow.

When the lamp is off, you will find the shadow everywhere.

But not all the time can you find a lamp,

so bright enough to cast a dark shadow.”

Everywhere we go, we meet people; new faces, different personalities, and people from vastly different backgrounds with a wide range of hobbies that sometimes may be out of the ordinary.

Friends can be made just about anywhere and everywhere.

But a true friend and a true love is not as easy to come by.

Love is like a lamp, while friendship is pretty much like a shadow. When the lamp is off, you will find the shadow everywhere. But not all the time do you find a lamp, so bright enough to cast a dark shadow.

What do I mean by that?

Even when one friend is not by our side, there is always many others which are like the ubiquitous shadows around us that are easily found. But finding someone that stands out and leaves a deep impression on you is not easy because not every lamp is strong enough to withstand the strength of the wind and keep their flame alive. Likewise, not all friends and people who love you will persevere through hardship with you because some of them just succumb to pressure and find the easy way out; just as to be extinguished by the gust of strong wind.

In life, finding true friends is never easy—it takes time, effort, and commitment to find them. But once you do, don’t just let them be the lamp in your life—be the lamp in theirs too.

Because love and friendship goes two ways—it is mutual.

Treasure the friends around you who are genuinely true. And treasure them just as much, too.

Poem of the day – The pain of Amnesia

What if one day you woke up

And found that your memories were gone

Not knowing who you are

Nor where you came from?


What if all your memories

Faded away all of a sudden

All those things you wished you remembered-

Just seemed to be forgotten.


All those times you held dear

All those moments you wished you’d cherished

Faded, gone, and disappeared,

As though they never existed.


The people who supported you

through good times, bad times

And cheered you on till the end-

Doesn’t it pain you now that you can’t remember

Anything because of amnesia?


Their words, their actions,

and all the time they spent with you

Doesn’t it hurt when you can’t remember

Anything that brought you so much cheer?


Their love, their care and their compassion for you

Doesn’t it hurt not being able to remember

All the times they cheered you up

When times got tough,

And the times they embraced you in a hug

And made you forget all that was hard?


The person whom you loved the most

Your soulmate, your dearest.

Not being able to recognize his face,

Probably hits you the hardest.


Not being able to remember that apology

Which you could have used to save a friendship

Not remembering that date

Which you could have reunited with your family

after staying apart for so long,

hurts when you don’t even remember

how you were feeling that December

for Christmas to come,

and a reunion feast together.


Not being able to remember it all

Because you have amnesia

Not being able to recall

Anything at all-

It hurts…like hell.



Poem of the day : Resonance of Nature

The wind blows gently,

ruffling my hair.

As I clasp onto a flower,

one whiff just gives me to power

to envision peace and happiness.

My mind wanders

as the aroma tingles my senses,

the smell of pollen grains,

and the fragrance from the flower-

when taken together,

makes me feel much more sober.

My soul takes off

and flies to another world


imaginary, yet divine

unlike this world.

I can hear the melodies of singing birds,

the sound of the gales of wind,

the rustling of the lush green grass

beneath my feet ;

my senses are overwhelmed

by the song of nature.

In this place,

worries, burdens and stress

ceases to exist.

So cast aside your troubles,

step into the meadow,

embrace nature

and cast aside your sorrows…

For happiness and joy

will come naturally

as you stand within nature

with smiles, all jolly.




Poem of the day : The Candle and the Girl

A matchstick lit me up

and I glow faintly

in the eerieness of night.

The cold wind blows,

and I flicker through the night.

I try to keep my flame alive

through the whole night.

I need to keep someone alive.

A little girl is relying on my warmth

to survive the cold night.

Her ragged clothes all covered in snow,

she shivers and catches a cold.

She holds me tightly in her hand,

breathing heavier with each breath.

I can’t die out on her ; or we will both vanish forever.

The freezing winds try to put me out,

but I do not waver—

I remain alive, stronger than ever,

for this child, I am her lifesaver.

The child’s fingers shudder

and they get colder by the hour.

She doesn’t know when someone else will come,

and save her from her predicament forever.

All her days she has been selling matches and candles, and I am the last of her stock.

Her legs are frozen and her fingers are trembling.

The snow storm gets stronger and snow covers my wax.

I try hard to keep her alive, but the snow, like an antagonist, wants to end my life.

More snow covers her hands.

She trembles and tries to hold me tightly, till the very end.

As my flame gets smaller, before dying off, she breathes her last and whispers , “Thank you, for saving me, friend.”

My wax is all gone and I cannot be rekindled.

Her body is frozen and she can no longer move.

Midnight comes and we both disappear

away from the world forever.

Poem of the day : Nightmare dreams

I’m being cornered, chased, and trapped by darkness ; 

maleficient creatures which lurk in this dark abyss. 

On the prowl, going after me with all their might,

as I run, and run, deeper into the night.

My feet grow tired and weary,

for this body, my feet can no longer carry.

Skin under my soles start to peel off,

and my legs are covered in sweat, dust and dirt,

Breathing heavily with each step,

I run towards an unforeseen end ;

all I want to do is to escape this nightmare,

pandemonium, and fear from within.

My clothes become tattered and torn,

ripped away by thorns,

leaving my garment in holes,

and my clothes tattered and stained with blood.

I feel an icy breath behind my neck,

sending incessant chills down my spine.

Panicking, I sprint ahead,

not even taking the risk of turning my head.

I keep on running, and running—

my mind is spinning and spinning.

Suddenly, a bright light at the end of the pathway,

blinding, bright, and yet so bold,

but could it be my escape foretold?

The bright light at the end of the tunnel,

my glimmer of hope…

and my last chance for survival.

Poem of the day : Smiles beyond miles

A smile is a painting of happiness on your face,

sheer joy, passion and eagerness 

to start a new phase.

A smile sets frowns

upside down;

it cheers up the saddened of heart,

and brings joy out of your heart.

A smile makes someone’s day,

whether they like it or nay,

because just seeing that look on your face, 

their mood will change

and perhaps brighten someone else’s day.

So spread happiness, joy and love.

It doesn’t hurt once to put on a smile,

don’t try to fake one—just be yourself.

Remember to smile, 

and all things will go well.

Poem of the day : The breakup 

Once upon a time,

you lit up my life.

My days were zestier than lime,

with long evening drives.

Yet those happy days

ceased to exist,

just as you crushed

my heart to bits.

I fell into the shadows,

my heart, hollow—

for in the darkness

I can never wallow.

The light in my life,

shut off by a strife,

that seperated us forever.

Torn apart and broken,

I hobble on this path of life,

half dead, half alive—

gasping for breath,

but there’s no one in sight.

The shadows cascade in front of me,

my path is unknown.

My vulnerable, trembling hands,

clinging on to that final glimmer of hope

wishing that you’d return…

Even though I know

…that would never happen…