Quote of the day – 26/11/16

Place your hopes in the opportunities of a new tomorrow, and not dwell in the regrets of yesterday.

– Hyun Jae 


When you’re gone…

Sometimes before sleeping,

I just lie in bed and clear my mind,

free of worries and troubles.

I stare blankly into the sky, 
imagining what the future would be like.

I imagine us cuddling on a cold, rainy night, 

I imagine us walking hand-in-hand down the neon-lit streets of the City, 

and I imagine us embracing each other’s pain and flaws.

I look up at the grand tapestry of black before me,

the vast expanse of darkness illuminated by the sea of a million stars

and I wish you were right beside me

and set me free

from my insecurity

when you’re not with me.

 -Hyun Jae 
All artwork taken from Google Images

Eyes – The reflection of Your soul

They say that the eyes are the windows, to your inner soul ; your thoughts, feelings, and emotions…

The key that unlocks the doorway to your heart.

But not everyone’s door is so easy to push open…Not everyone’s door has a single padlock.

Sometimes opening up to people can be hard, especially when you don’t know them very well, and when you’re trying to make new friends.

Sometimes you feel that they cannot understand your plight and situation no matter how much they try to empathise – they will just never be able to share your sentiments, thoughts, or feelings.

Be it saddness, bitterness or hate ; emptiness, sorrow or woe…

Be it family problems, emotional turmoil, or grief that drives you to the point of exhaustion…be it heartaches and headaches that are driving you insane…you’ll never let anyone understand that pain.

Because you’d rather keep it all to yourself, bottle it up inside, than let it gush out freely and spare yourself from suicide.

It takes ever so long, once in a lifetime, (or maybe not at all) to ever find that one person that can actually understand you and help you go through it all.

But when you’ve finally found that person, only he (or she) is truly the key that fits the padlock of your heart.

Unlocking your inner emotions, and seeing the true reflection behind those esurient eyes that glitter in the sunlight.

-Hyun Jae

Artwork taken from Pinterest

Poem of the day – One day in Switzerland, Europe

Majestic castles

with ashlar walls,

arched arrow loops

with broad domes,

adorned with crosses

around the rim.

The broad wooden drawbridge

with a drawn up Portcullis.

Sunshine falls

on majestic stone walls,

castles are just one,

but not all,

of the things you’ll come across

all over picturesque Switzerland.


*Author’s note : This is an actual picture I took while I was in Switzerland last December, this castle is Chateau de Chillon, otherwise known as Chillon Castle, which is located in Geneva, Switzerland. *


Short stories 003 : Light, love and Friendship


“Love is like a lamp, while friendship is like a shadow.

When the lamp is off, you will find the shadow everywhere.

But not all the time can you find a lamp,

so bright enough to cast a dark shadow.”

Everywhere we go, we meet people; new faces, different personalities, and people from vastly different backgrounds with a wide range of hobbies that sometimes may be out of the ordinary.

Friends can be made just about anywhere and everywhere.

But a true friend and a true love is not as easy to come by.

Love is like a lamp, while friendship is pretty much like a shadow. When the lamp is off, you will find the shadow everywhere. But not all the time do you find a lamp, so bright enough to cast a dark shadow.

What do I mean by that?

Even when one friend is not by our side, there is always many others which are like the ubiquitous shadows around us that are easily found. But finding someone that stands out and leaves a deep impression on you is not easy because not every lamp is strong enough to withstand the strength of the wind and keep their flame alive. Likewise, not all friends and people who love you will persevere through hardship with you because some of them just succumb to pressure and find the easy way out; just as to be extinguished by the gust of strong wind.

In life, finding true friends is never easy—it takes time, effort, and commitment to find them. But once you do, don’t just let them be the lamp in your life—be the lamp in theirs too.

Because love and friendship goes two ways—it is mutual.

Treasure the friends around you who are genuinely true. And treasure them just as much, too.

Short stories 002 – Priceless, unconditional love

People these days, boys and girls alike, all want an intelligent, good-looking partner from an affluent background. Or at least, these are the 3 ideals most people have when looking for a life partner.

There are also people who say, “What is so good about her that made him fall for her?” and “Eww, you’re dating him?”

To me, these people haven’t actually found what the true meaning of love is…yet. Think of it this way: one day, your super rich boyfriend goes bankrupt overnight, gets into a car accident which makes him disabled for life and half of his handsome face is so badly scarred that he looks ugly and no longer handsome. Ask yourself, would you still love him? Or because now that he has nothing, you will leave him to spare yourself some face, and not waste your life with him? Will you find someone else that you feel you wouldn’t need to spend the rest of your life pushing him about in a wheelchair?

Unless you can say that you will truly stick by your partner’s side even when he is scarred and broke; unless you can say that through thick and thin you’ll be there for him; unless you can say he’s not flaunting material, and thrash when he no longer can be flaunted; unless you can say you’ll love him regardless of what happens, you do not know what true love is.

Love is unconditional.

And we should always, ALWAYS value CHARACTER over looks.

A person’s looks can be destroyed overnight. But his character CANNOT.

Poem of the day – True Friends VS Fake Friends

All through life, we have friends.

But do we ever wonder

Which ones are actually

Our “true” friends?


When we’re having this specific clique all along

That study with us,

And play with us.

We all do well on tests together,

Get the same good grades together.


But when this happens,

Other people draw close to you

When they never actually spent quality time with you

And start to ignore their once close friends

And talk to you instead

Don’t you fear that these people

will leave you one day,

Just as how they did

To their very own friends?


These people AREN’T true.

Only those who stand by you

In bad times, and in good times,

Are the ones you should treasure

And value close to you.


And remember this,

fake friends are around

when they think you’re cool.

But true friends are around

even when they think you’re a fool.