Poem of the day : Nightmare dreams

I’m being cornered, chased, and trapped by darkness ; 

maleficient creatures which lurk in this dark abyss. 

On the prowl, going after me with all their might,

as I run, and run, deeper into the night.

My feet grow tired and weary,

for this body, my feet can no longer carry.

Skin under my soles start to peel off,

and my legs are covered in sweat, dust and dirt,

Breathing heavily with each step,

I run towards an unforeseen end ;

all I want to do is to escape this nightmare,

pandemonium, and fear from within.

My clothes become tattered and torn,

ripped away by thorns,

leaving my garment in holes,

and my clothes tattered and stained with blood.

I feel an icy breath behind my neck,

sending incessant chills down my spine.

Panicking, I sprint ahead,

not even taking the risk of turning my head.

I keep on running, and running—

my mind is spinning and spinning.

Suddenly, a bright light at the end of the pathway,

blinding, bright, and yet so bold,

but could it be my escape foretold?

The bright light at the end of the tunnel,

my glimmer of hope…

and my last chance for survival.


Poem of the day : Smiles beyond miles

A smile is a painting of happiness on your face,

sheer joy, passion and eagerness 

to start a new phase.

A smile sets frowns

upside down;

it cheers up the saddened of heart,

and brings joy out of your heart.

A smile makes someone’s day,

whether they like it or nay,

because just seeing that look on your face, 

their mood will change

and perhaps brighten someone else’s day.

So spread happiness, joy and love.

It doesn’t hurt once to put on a smile,

don’t try to fake one—just be yourself.

Remember to smile, 

and all things will go well.


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Poem of the day : The breakup 

Once upon a time,

you lit up my life.

My days were zestier than lime,

with long evening drives.

Yet those happy days

ceased to exist,

just as you crushed

my heart to bits.

I fell into the shadows,

my heart, hollow—

for in the darkness

I can never wallow.

The light in my life,

shut off by a strife,

that seperated us forever.

Torn apart and broken,

I hobble on this path of life,

half dead, half alive—

gasping for breath,

but there’s no one in sight.

The shadows cascade in front of me,

my path is unknown.

My vulnerable, trembling hands,

clinging on to that final glimmer of hope

wishing that you’d return…

Even though I know

…that would never happen…

Poem of the day : Lonely, sad memories

In pain, anger, sorrow…or woe,

there’s always someone, you know?

Your shoulder to cry on,

your pillar of support…

where you get your courage, confidence,

eradication of fears and what not.

But what if loneliness

really does exist…?

Once you’ve fallen into the pit,

you can’t get out

no matter how hard you dig.

Even if someone pretends

to stretch a hand

to save you—

or lead you to your end,

you can’t get out,

and you’re trapped inside.

Your emotions caged up,

your heart turned to stone,

your soul asleep,

your presence unknown,

your existence, ceased,

in this world……gone.

Darker Evil series Book 1 Chapter 20 : The Christmas Party

It was finally Christmas.Makoto had made his room spick and the others had finished preparing all that was needed for the party. The window was adorned with silver bells and there was a small Christmas tree beside it. Celestine and Odellia were fixing the lights on before placing party poppers in the tree.

Leandra and Rima were getting the champagne ready on the table. Cintare had brought over lots of food and snacks which they could feast on, while Makoto was placing the star atop the tree.

Meanwhile, a few rooms away, Jellal was helping Hyusune to pack the festive cakes into boxes, while Hyusune wrapped each box with a ribbon.

“We gotta go over soon, they’re probably about to start the party.” Hyusune said as she took some of the cakes. “Can you help me take the rest?”

“Sure. You go ahead first, I’ll catch up with you guys later.”


Hyusune left her door open so Jellal could walk over easily. His hands were full of cake boxes.

Makoto, on the other hand, left his door ajar. Hyusune pushed it aside gently and went in.

“Sorry to keep you all waiting!”

“Ah, the cakes are here!” Cintare and Rima rushed over to help Hyusune carry them over to the table.

“Jellal’s coming with more cakes in a bit, I’ll go check and see if he needs any help!” Hyusune went out of the door and back to her room. Jellal actually had a small present in his hand, and he was tying a white ribbon over. Hyusune decided it would not be a good time to intrude, so she went back to Makoto’s room and waited for Jellal with the others to start the party.

While waiting, Cintare suggested mixing the soda with alcohol so it would be neutralized and they wouldn’t really get too drunk. The rest agreed and they all went to grab some peach soda and mix it with small amounts of alcohol. They then placed it in a jug and set it nicely on the table.

Just then, Jellal arrived with the last bit of cakes, and while everyone helped him out, Hyusune realized he didn’t slip the present under the tree. Was the present not meant for anyone at the party?
“Ok guys! Let’s start this party—!” Makoto exclaimed enthusiastically as their emcee for the night. Everyone cheered.

They all sat down on two long sofas around the table where the drinks and food were.

“Firstly, before we begin our meal, lets have a tasting session of…Hyusune’s festive cakes!”

Cintare handed out the plates and they began their feast.

Everyone’s face lit up with a glee of delight as they munched happily on Hyusune’s cakes.


“Yum yum~”

That was a great way to start the night.

After that, they started the main course, which was an array of western and japanese food ranging from grilled chicken, steak and spaghetti to sushi, japanese salad and sashimi.

“Eat up, everyone!” Cintare grinned.

“So much food!” Hyusune gasped.

“This was our month’s worth of savings, so please enjoy yourselves and eat more!”

Everyone sat down at the table and ate heartily.

Makoto went to turn his music player on and played some festive music.

Everyone was in a festive mood as they tucked in.

“Thanks for the meal, Cintare!” Everyone exclaimed.

For the next few hours, they played Just Dance 2016 on the PS4 together and took turns dancing.

When they got tired, they decided to bring the Karaoke over from Celestine’s dormitory to do some singing.

“Hyu-chan! Cintare! Join me for this one!” Rima exclaimed.

‘One, Two, One Two Three Four!”

“I want you!

I need you!

I love you!

kimi ni ae te

dondon chikazuku sono kyori ni

MAX high tension~”

Hyusune and Rima and Cintare gave a bow at the end after their performance.

“Alright guys…why don’t we call it a day and just rest for the next 1.5 hours before midnight?” Odellia suggested.

“We still haven’t drunk the champagne and the wine yet, though…”

“Yea…I’ll go fetch the drinks okay? Including the mixed soda.”

Makoto went to the kitchen and poured drinks for everyone. However, he accidentally poured a tad bit too much of alcohol into the glasses, which kinda overwhelmed the soda.

“Ouh crap. ” Makoto flipped the kitchen to find if there was any more soda he could use to dilute the alcohol with, but he couldn’t find any.

“Ahh this is bad…oh well. Nevermind.”

He brought the glasses out, filled with soda and alcohol, and the bottle of champagne which Leandra and Rima got.

“Um guys, you may wanna drink less…I accidentally poured too much alcohol into the glasses and we’ve run out of soda to dilute it—” before Makoto could complete his sentence, they all drank up because they were thirsty.

“Oh no!” Makoto shrieked and rushed to the kitchen to fetch some iced water instead.

“I kinda feel giddy…” Rima’s voice faltered as she touched her forehead.

Leandra touched Rima’s forehead and realized she was running a mild

fever. “Ah crap…I’ll walk her back to the dormitory to cool her head down. I think she can’t take alcohol…”

“Alright…I’m really sorry!” Makoto apologized.

Meanwhile, Odellia, Celestine, Hyusune and Jellal were still sober, so they decided to unwrap their presents from their “secret santas” among one another.

Hyusune recieved a pastel pink alpaca plushie, while Odellia got a fountain pen, Celestine got a pair of Nike Flyknit shoes and Jellal got a new Adidas bag. Makoto, on the other hand, receieved a note in a letter.

When he saw the note, he quickly kept it away. His eyes widened in shock.

“What’s the matter, Mark?”

“Nothing…” Makoto shook his head. “And its been a long time since you called me that, Jellal.”
For the rest of the night, they played Blackjack, and each time, the loser would drink a small glass of champagne. It was 20% alcohol, and so their face turned red within a couple of games.

For ten straight rounds, Odellia won.

“Haha~! I won again~!” Odellia exclaimed.

“Nooooooo!” Hyusune exclaimed held her head in her hands.

“I’m…so…done with this…” Celestine couldn’t take anymore alchohol. “I’m going back…”

“I’ll walk her back~” Odellia exclaimed cheerfully, as she was the only sober one.

“I’m…g-going back…to my r-room too…” Hyusune said drunkardly as she stumbled to her feet. “Hiccup-”

“I’ll be taking my leave too…Bye Mark.”

“Party’s over then. Bye guys!” Makoto said as he opened the door for them and shut it after they left.

Looking at the mess they left behind, he shook his head and began to clean his room once more.
Hyusune and Jellal walked back along the corridor.

“Hyusune, can I stay over at your room for a bit?” Jellal asked. Somehow, he didn’t seem as drunk as the others.

“Sureeee…” Hyusune grinned.

Holding the alpaca plush in one hand, she opened the door to her room and switched the lights on. She took off her shoes slowly and stumbled towards her bed. Before she could sit down, she lost her balance and fell.


Thankfully, Jellal managed to grab her before she could fall onto the floor.

“Eh?” Hyusune’s eyes widened and she somewhat became more sober.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yea…” Hyusune said as she lay in his arms.

“Geez…” He scooped Hyusune up all of a sudden and princess carried her to bed.

Hyusune’s face turned red.

“T-thank you…”

She sat upright in bed and dangled her legs off the side. Jellal went to close the door, before he sat beside her.

“Earlier today…I saw you holding a white box…” Hyusune said as she turned to look at him.”Is that for someone who didn’t attend the party? You didn’t give it away just now…”

Jellal took a deep breath.

“Yea, I didn’t give it away…”

“So…who’s it for…?”


“Someone you like…?”

“Yea…I decided I should give it to her in person.”

“I see…” Hyusune said as she got up from her bed. “I guess you should go find her then…it’s late today so…probably tomorrow—”

Before she could complete her sentence, Jellal embraced her in his arms.

The alpaca in Hyusune’s hand dropped onto the bed and she shut her eyes.

“I wanted to give it to you in person…you idiot.”

He took the box out and opened it gently. Inside was a silver necklace with a diamond in the shape of a clover dangling at the bottom.

He took it out and put it on for Hyusune, who somewhat was still in a daze.

“It suits you well…” Jellal complimented, as Hyusune admired the necklace.

“Merry Christmas, Hyuu-chan…I love you….” He whispered in a soft, faltering voice. Placing his hands at her cheeks, he bent forward and kissed her gently.


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Darker Evil series Book 1 Chapter 19 : Frezch Luminance 

*Author’s note : Ah, the first chapter of the year is here! *
Days passed.

Weeks passed.

They trained day and night, fighting till they lost their breath fighting Celestine.

Since it was end of year break, they had about 5 weeks more to bring Frezch Luminance out of Celestine.

Drenched in perspiration, they crashed onto the ground.

“How many rounds have we been at this? It hasn’t even come out yet!” Rima said as she phanted heavily.

“We can’t give up just yet!” Odellia said as she paused to catch her breath.

“Slowly guys slowly!” Makoto replied, “this can be training for our upcoming tests too!”

“Physical fitness test, you mean?” Leandra said as she jumped backwards to avoid Celestine’s arrows.

“There’s still more to where that came from!” Celestine fired multi-directional arrows at everyone with the last spurt of her energy, before they all crashed onto the floor.

“I think we’ve had enough…for the holidays…” Rima phanted as she wiped her sweat away with a towel. “It’s been a month since we began training 16 hours a day…”

Hyusune lay flat on the floor. She, too, was exhausted.

“The new year is starting soon, guys…soon it’ll be 2016.”

“The year Celestine turns 17 together with all of us…right…?” Jellal phanted too.

“Yea…I wonder what the department has in mind to reward the scholars of the first term’s exams…”

“I heard it’s a trip to Switzerland!” Cintare exclaimed, excited all of a sudden.

“Switzerland! That’s an out-of-compound trip, though…” Rima felt a bit uneasy because she had never stepped out of the academy for years. Even the training camp was within the compound, just that the train stations and transits were all within the compound and underground.

“Has anyone of us been to Switzerland, though?” Celestine asked.

“Nope, but I have a rough idea of how to get around there…” Hyusune got up and sat cross legged. “Its slightly more than a half day flight from Japan to Zürich airport. They’re also about 8 hours behind us.”

“Eh…that means a jet lag for us…” Rima said.

“Yeapp. I heard the Swiss trip is for the top 10 pupils in our branch.” Odellia replied. “The student council has the rankings for this year’s top 10, though…”

“Lemme see lemme see!” Leandra and Rima begged Odellia to show them.

“It’s supposed to be for the SC only but…”



Odellia fished out her phone and showed them the PDF with the names of the top 10. It read :











“Ehh…Odellia and Celestine and Jellal…you guys are all the cream of the crop…” Hyusune was impressed and somewhat demoralized by the fact she was at the 20th placing.

“But Hibari senpai is top 3!” Rima squealed. “Kyaa-the one and only special ability type class member to be ranked top 10.”

“That said, not many are LoEs either…even Shiromi is an exceptional abilty class member herself.” Makoto said, analyzing the lists.

“The majority are all EACs aND SABs…” Jellal mentioned. “Hibari and I are the only ones who are from LoE.”

“Maybe the LoE tests are harder?” Leandra supposed.

“Nope, LoEs are the minority of the student body population. Hitherto, there has been very few LoEs who actually do exceptionally well on tests.”

“Who is this Ayako Ruriri? I’ve never seen her in the LoE before…” Cintare asked Odellia.

“Ayako is in the student council. She rarely attends lessons and outings, though, because she’s the academy’s so-called intelligentsia.”


“Basically her job is to communicate with the head of departments, or what we would know as the ‘government of this school’ (yes, Tyhia has it’s own government) and guide them on how to go about with the scholarship opportunities for the students and what benefits they should be given based on her surveys of the pupils’ academic performance. In essence, she is in charge of student wellfare.”

“Woah…we have to thank her for the Swiss trip then!”

“Don’t jump to conclusions so fast…You have the get into the top 10, you know, we have to compete with the Year 4s, 5s and 6s next year.” Makoto said with a shake of his head.

“Nope, next year we are revamping the system. The Year 6s won’t be taken into consideration. This means only the Year 4s and Year 5s will be your concern, and it also means that there is less competition for the rest of you.” Odellia reassured them.

“Thank goodness…” Hyusune was relieved. “That means we do stand a chance, don’t we, Odellia?”

“You bet’cha do!” Odellia winked.

“Time to coop up at Jellal’s place and mug starting next year-” They all stared at Jellal.



Jellal was rendered speechless and he facepalmed.

“I can’t really teach you guys, you know—”

They inched closer to him.

“IT’S OKAY, WE CAN STUDY TOGETHER~!” They grinned and exclaimed loudly.

Jellal rolled his eyes and laid back down on the ground. “Alright then…”

For the rest of the year, they decided to take a break.

It was about time they needed a good rest. Christmas was nearing and they decided to throw a Christmas party to celebrate instead of fighting Celestine all day long.

As they walked to the dinner hall, they discussed the Christmas party.

“So…who’s room shall we throw the party in?”

“Not mine. Not the girl’s dorm.” Hyusune voiced out for all the girls.

“Jellal’s room, then?” Rima suggested.

“Nonono, not me.” Jellal shook his head.

“How about mine?” Makoto asked.


“Yea, I live 3 rooms away from Jellal.”

“Alright then, as long as its spick and span…”

“About that—” Makoto scratched his head, “I’ll clean up before you guys come…” He smiled sheepishly.

“I’ll get the food~” Cintare giggled.

“Leandra and I will get the champagne and wine.” Rima said.

“Odellia and I will get the party poopers and presents.”

“I’ll help Hyuu with the cake paking.” Jellal volunteered and Hyusune agreed.

“Alright, it’s settled then!” Makoto rubbed his hands together.
That night, when Odellia and Celestine were walking back to their dormitories alone, Celestine was still slightly upset as she could not summon Frezch Luminance after so many futile attempts.

Odellia gave Celestine a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

“I’m sure you can do it…all you need is a little more time.” Odellia said in a gentle voice.

“Its been almost seventeen years since I last used it. Moreover, I was merely an infant…there’s no way I could’ve remembered how I felt when I unleashed Frezch Luminance…” Celestine sighed.

They stood outside their dormitory and gazed out at the school garden under the moonlight.

“Don’t give up hope just yet…”

“I know, but…”

“After all these days of fighting, I’ve been pondering about something…What if Frezch Luminance can only be triggered when you need it most, and not by will?”


“Yea…like it only came out of you when Daemon was gonna take your life…It couldn’t come out at all when we tried to fight you…”

“That’s it! Why didn’t I think of that?”

Celestine snapped her fingers together.

“Frezech Luminance itself is a soul!”


“The soul of Xenza Seis.”

“Your mum?”

“Yes…I remember now…that warm feeling…the last she did to protect me before her death…to encase her soul within me.”


As the curtain to a new year unveils,

an unforeseen journey lies ahead.

Innumerable new faces to meet,

and more challenges in time to come.

I, too, have my fair share of work to do.

Hitherto, I have completed 19 chapters of the DES.

I look forward to a new year with more adventures and fun with everyone!

Happy new year to all my readers, wherever you may be on this planet we call home.

Have a blessed new year with your loved ones.


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